A university in Shanghai is recruiting new teachers for a “public institution”, especially fresh graduates

University teaching has always been a job with high social status, and many highly educated talents are willing to re-devote themselves to campus after graduation. However, the number of university staff is fixed, so there are not many opportunities for recruitment.Now a university in Shanghai is recruiting teachers and can enjoy the same treatment as public institutions. This is Shanghai Normal University.It is understood that the recruitment scale is very large, to the outside public recruitment of 249 staff, including teaching posts, scientific research posts.This recruitment is open to all sectors of the community, should be former students can sign up, is a good opportunity.A university in Shanghai has publicly recruited 249 people to enjoy the treatment of “public institutions”. Teaching positions in colleges and universities have always been very “hot”, many doctors are willing to teach in colleges and universities, but there are few monks, teaching and scientific research positions in colleges and universities, and can not meet the needs of so many graduates.Now Shanghai Normal University open recruitment, graduates have the opportunity to previous students, and some of the positions are also specifically aimed at graduates, it can be said that graduates are more popular.Take the recruitment requirements of the College of Humanities of Shanghai Normal University as an example. This time, the College of Humanities is recruiting 21 people, who are required to be fresh graduates in both teaching and scientific research positions.If the applicant has already achieved the title of “professor”, you are welcome to join the school.Of course, the graduates here are not undergraduate graduates in our usual sense, but doctoral graduates.This is understandable, after all, Shanghai Normal University’s undergraduate institutions, the recruitment requirements of “doctoral degree or above” is also acceptable.As for the “flagship college” of Shanghai Normal University — the School of Education, the recruitment requirements are also higher, the basic requirements are “professor” or “excellent associate professor”.Only a few majors, such as English Education, Primary English, mathematics education and primary Science, can accept fresh PhD graduates.The recruitment of 249 positions, will adopt a written test + interview for assessment, students have ideas can go through the school’s official website to register.Be sure to attach your personal information, including the list of scientific research achievements and academic works, when applying.College teacher recruitment opportunities are rare, in addition to academic qualifications and these requirements of college teacher recruitment opportunities is very rare, especially in Shanghai, such as first-tier cities, college teacher posts are “very popular”, so the relative “invisible” requirements are actually very high.Educational requirements: The first must be educational requirements, such as Shanghai Normal University “heavy universities”, in the recruitment of teachers are very high educational requirements, at least the requirements of a doctor’s degree or above.However, the university also promised to relax the degree requirements if students are good enough or if the school has a shortage of talent.Title requirements: for some important teaching and scientific research positions, there are also requirements for “title”, including lecturer, associate professor, professor, etc.This is also the reason why college teachers are keen on professional title evaluation. Professional title is the embodiment of teaching ability for college teachers. The higher the professional title is, the higher the treatment will be.Requirements for scientific research achievements: Universities not only value their teaching ability, but also their scientific research ability when recruiting teachers.Each college has scientific research tasks and indicators every year, if there is not enough scientific research ability, can not publish a certain number of journal papers, then I am afraid can not be admitted by the school.English requirements: What many people do not know is that when recruiting teachers, colleges and universities will also check the English level of these teachers, after all, now many colleges and universities are in line with the international standards, using English teaching.If the teacher’s English ability is not up to standard, it may directly affect the teaching quality of students.In addition, many scientific research projects are all in English, no good English ability, I’m afraid in scientific research will suffer a loss, so students no matter where employment, to improve their English ability.With fierce competition for teaching positions in universities, what are the new ways for doctoral students?It is not hard to find that the competition for teachers in colleges and universities is very fierce. Even if students have a doctor’s degree, they may not be able to enter colleges and universities. In fact, there are many other ways for students to become teachers in universities.Research institutes, more leisure: Traditionally, PHDS either join universities as teachers or go to research institutes to continue their research.Compared with colleges and universities, scientific research institutes are more relaxed, they do not have to undertake teaching work, they can devote themselves to research wholeheartedly, and they are more likely to make “achievements”.Enterprises or Internet factories, high salary: these two years there are many doctoral students, choose to enter enterprises or factories, although there is no “establishment” into the enterprise, but the salary is higher.Some Internet computer direction of the doctor, often can earn a million, let a lot of people envy unceasingly.Primary and secondary school teachers, easier: in addition to college teachers, some doctors will also target primary and secondary school teachers, the undergraduate master’s degree to carry out a demoralizing blow.In fact, such teaching jobs are also well paid, which is why PhD students condescend to such lofty positions.Today’s topic: Let’s talk about it. Do you think teaching in universities is popular?

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