Bayern 2-4 Bochum, maybe we should understand the “necessity” of nachai’s whole life!

Bayern 2-4 Bochum, the result was a real surprise.And na Shuai’s whole life unavoidably lets a person sigh with emotion.Just in retrospect, maybe we should have understood Nashuai.Of course, the whole thing here means trying new tactics.During guardiola’s period, Bayern had the whole live capital, solid lineup, fast-paced attack can play, slow down to control the ball to press up can play, to counter also have the capital;The whole living demand to a certain extent, from poor attendance side drive the centre drive transformation is not urgent, but is the actual needs, but also has obtained certain achievements, although because players leave and growth than expected, not form a middle road, as expected, the engine, but levante muller kneading, at least ensure the lower limit of the bayern offensive capability.There are two differences at this stage.The first is that bayern do not have too much capital, now the team only in the “high tempo” and “strong pressure” mode of attack, is a top team in Europe, to play counter-attack or control are a little difficult;Substitute players can only “play for one” and do not provide effective change.2 is actually some difficult to judge the whole living needs, the game with more than two years, really to say will not be against some very confident, but now is not what is obvious signs of restraint – in this case, the same array may be to die, the changes may be dead, who also dare not say what to be in the right direction.Nagelsmann’s initiative for change is entirely understandable.During his years of coaching, the most outstanding thing is tactical creativity, which maintains the competitiveness of the team through tactical changes in the case of losing core players.Or, it would be a shame for Bayern to hire such a dynamic young coach without giving him some tactical freedom to experiment.

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