Four lines of Zhengzhou East Passenger Bus Station resumed operation on New Year’s Eve

Zhengzhou East Bus Station officially opened for business on January 31, according to the notification of Zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters and the work arrangement of the group company. Currently, there are 4 routes resumed: Zhecheng, Xinmi, Tongxu and Kaifeng.As of 6 PM, a total of 185 passengers were safely sent, with 11 shifts.At 8:00 a.m., passengers waiting for the bus will be guided by the staff to wear masks and arrange green codes at intervals for verification. Only after passing the temperature test, can they enter the station for security check, purchase tickets and wait for the bus.Arrange a number of volunteers at the security check gate, ticket office and waiting hall of the East Railway Station and other areas where passengers are concentrated to provide passenger inquiry and guidance services.In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the East Railway Station has increased the density and frequency of disinfection to ensure the safety and security of passengers.Xinghang service group is carried out on the same day, New Year’s eve station sends Spring Festival couplets on the Spring Festival blessing activities, volunteers will elegantly message happy Spring Festival couplets and Chinese knot for bus passengers, as xinghang service staff shining beautiful soul.but about beats, with the frequent travelers grateful thanks, in the waiting area, in the grid is brimming with the happy festival atmosphere.Under the meticulous prevention and control measures, the East Railway Station will resume all services in an orderly manner. The specific services are as follows: Kaifeng and Zhecheng will be operated on the first day of the New Year;On the second day of the year, there are kaifeng, Tongxu, Taikang, Xinmi, Qixian, Zhecheng;Three operating lines dengfeng, Huaiyang, Kaifeng, Puyang, Plain New District, Qi County, Taikang, Tongxu, Xinmi, Zhecheng.

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