High stem article: “love you but is field empty” popular, love red north of good article popularity upsurge!

Hello, welcome to the new and old officials.The little sun in winter, are you shining on the earth happily?I am very happy to meet you, so I will recommend some novels to you, hoping to bring joy to the little cutie.High stem article: “love you but is field empty” popular, love red north of good article popularity upsurge!The first: “in the future begin to like you” author: love red north introduction: if I love you, and you also just love me.Then when you are sick, I will take care of you and accompany you until you get well.I’ll ask you to be careful when you ride your bike and call me when you arrive.Priority: Han Yi picked up the mobile phone to bai Xue sent a message: “happiness is to eat a bowl of chicken rice after the successful exam, drink a cup of honey grapefruit tea, and then go back to the dormitory to listen to music, tell you what today.”In his eyes, happiness may be a feeling of being satisfied, which is the realization of every tiny wish in life. You have something to eat when you are hungry, someone you care about when you are lonely, and someone to love you when you need to be loved.May be because the exam is not bad, the mood is very good, may also be because this semester has been accompanied by bai Xue long distance, very happy to talk, in fu Bo’s words: “Han, is completely changed ah!”Walking in the campus at noon, you can feel the heat under the wuhan sun, but listening to the sound of snow, it seems like enjoying the winter sunshine.When I go to the library in the evening, I can see the reddish clouds in the sky. Although they are not strong, they are simple and pure.”I’m done with my exams. When are you done with your exams?”After writing the daily task, Han Yi suddenly wanted to Snow White but still like every day before, very timid, dare not say “Snow White, I miss you!”Bai Xue even felt anxious for Han Yi, thinking: “When can you take the initiative?Would it kill you to say that you think of me and like me?”Introduction: Her fate, from the moment she was adopted by him, is no longer in charge of her own.What they give, is a sick love, so heavy that she wants to escape.He said: Chi Huan, you are mine, only mine…He said: huan son, I want to take you to degenerate hell……Priorities: Andrew’s eyes lit up and he thought he saw thousands of dollars gleaming before him.Five percent is not a small amount, in addition to the upper hand, he himself can get a huge kickback.Can not help but dark sigh this call Ling yun man is really a malicious role, he knows what others are thinking, want is what, open conditions are also eat set he reluctant to rebuffed.It would have been foolish to equivocation in the face of such a shrewd and decisive man. Andrew was a businessman, and he knew what was best for him.Since want to cooperate with Ling yun, might as well also leave a frank impression to him, in order to have deeper development in the future.The Undead League is an attractive piece of fat, and several powerful families have courted it in order to establish a long-term relationship with it, so as to make more money.”Ok.I hope we can work together.”Andrew smiled ingratiatingly and offered his hand.Ling Yun hold, with always charming people smile.But no one saw it. His eyes flashed with the bloody excitement of catching their prey.At this time, a man in a hurry from the door came in, attached to the ling allow ear low low said a few words.Ling Yun look a rin, but immediately restore calm, he said to Andrew: “Mr. Andrew, I still have something to do, first leave.”Introduction: Fu Qingqing thought that her love with Lu Chen sank at the bottom of a cliff in that year.When meeting again, he helps her solve the marriage of domestic violence, but also forces her to sign a two-year agreement…Five years before he thought she had forsaken love and children;Five years later he wanted her to make it up to him with the baby!Priority: “Don’t forget you signed the agreement,” lu warns grimly.”Are you going to be here?Fu Qingqing looked at him in disbelief, and he really raised his eyebrows and asked back, “So what?Do you need a place to fuck a woman like you?”The words were insulting, the gestures were direct, and his hand slid unceremoniously under his clothes.Turning to resist, but was coldly threatened by him: “Do you believe I really do it right here?”She stopped struggling and looked at him sadly, her dark eyes flashing with fire, anger or desire.She couldn’t tell the difference, only that it was embarrassing.Especially after learning that he and Qin Qing have been engaged, and in the near future to get married.”You already have Qin Qing, she is also pregnant with your child, why pester me again?””Pestering?”Lu Said coldly, “You flatter yourself too much.””But why do you want me to give you a son?”‘That’s your punishment!”Five years ago, you aborted my son. Five years later, I want you to give me another son. If it’s a daughter, ABORT and get pregnant again.”Fu qingqing turned blue and could not say a word.Qin Qing’s voice came from outside the safe passage: “Achen, is that you speaking?Are you in there?”Fu Qingqing only felt cold, lu Chen suddenly left and opened the door and went out. At the moment when the door closed, she saw Qin Qing looking at her with a light eye that could not be any more light. Immediately, she was cut off by the door.(Click below to read for free) The above three novels are the books to share with you in this issue, I hope you can find joy here, like friends remember to pay attention to the xiaobian oh!Thank you for your support

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