Luoyang Comprehensive Protection Zone has signed 10 projects worth nearly 1 billion yuan

Luoyang, China New Network on February 20(Kan Li) The grand scene of overseas trade gathering in The thousand-year-old ancient capital Of Luoyang is expected to reappear. Well-known enterprises have settled in the Luoyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which is accelerating the customs closure operation.The flourishing scene of overseas trade gathering in the ancient capital of Luoyang began a thousand years ago, when the ancient Silk Road and the Grand Canal of sui and Tang Dynasties converged here.Today, thousands of years later, the comprehensive protection zone has landed, the port has moved inward, luoyang and overseas commerce has truly achieved “zero threshold”.Luoyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone was approved to be established in 2020, with four major functions: bonded processing zone, bonded logistics zone, bonded R&D zone and port operation zone.Since the end of 2021, Luoyang Comprehensive protection Zone successfully passed the national acceptance.At present, it has entered the trial operation stage.Reporter’s visit on 19th found that from the gate to the park, Luoyang Comprehensive Protection Zone has made the final preparations for the official closure of the operation, and is speeding up, and strive to close the operation by the end of June this year.In Luoyang comprehensive protection area, the reporter saw the well-known semiconductor material manufacturer Luoyang monocrystalline silicon group took the lead in entering, and put into production.In January, the company achieved a “good start” with a 104% year-on-year increase in profits and a 67% increase in foreign exchange earned from exports, an official of the company said.”A large number of products are exported, and overseas procurement of raw materials is also increasing.The simplified import and export trade process and fast customs clearance of Luoyang Comprehensive Protection Zone are great advantages for our enterprise, and the low cost and high efficiency of global trading also reduces our business risks.”The company’s products are widely used in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent platform and other industries, and its overseas orders are mainly from Japan and South Korea, the European Union and Southeast Asian countries, the person in charge of the company said., deputy director of luoyang heddle area bao JiaoLu 19 news agency reporter interview said that at present, in the high-tech zone, free trade area, district, cross-border electricity heald try, zong bao “five zones” superposition advantage, luoyang heald is protected area 10 contracted projects, mainly including wisdom logistics, modern service industry and machining project, with a total investment of RMB 960 million,The import and export volume was about 7.85 billion yuan.Jiao lu said that after the official closure, High-end cold chain food materials such as Ukrainian beef, Cosmetics from Japan and South Korea, and imported red wine will be displayed and sold in luoyang Comprehensive protection Zone, and people in Luoyang can buy “foreign goods” at their doorstep.Along with Luoyang comprehensive insurance zone, central Henan already has several comprehensive insurance zones.(after)

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