Promoted horse Estoril performance straight line slide, facing Ferreira’s defense will not be strong!

Estoril VS Ferreira Estoril are currently seventh in the league with six wins, seven draws and six losses, which is a good performance for a promotion this season.But shows a tendency of the main weak guest strong team, up to now is just to get a home victory five three negative result, ranked third in the bottom position, obviously the home of the defense is not too good, and the team at present status is very low, recently suffered a five-game losing streak, game is lost is also as a newly promoted the moxa card, the team’s defensive ability decline in serious cases,They have conceded at least two goals in their last three games.Ferreira is 12th in the league with four wins, seven draws and eight defeats.At present, there is not much difference between the home and away games. Their most weak point is the offensive firepower, but their defensive ability is not too bad. Moreover, their recent game trend also shows an obvious trend of recovery.In this encounter, I think the stats are a little too reluctant for Estoril to improve. They haven’t won too many games in the past, and ferreira’s away performance is not too bad.

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