Report: The best places to get married in 2022

The cities were ranked based on cost, facilities and services, as well as activities and attractions.Planning a wedding can be expensive and stressful, but the location can make a big difference.That’s according to a new report from WalletHub, which identified the best places to get married in 2022.In its report, WalletHub compared 182 cities — made up of the 150 most popular U.S. cities and at least two of the most popular in each state — based on 28 measures in three categories: cost, facilities and services, and events and attractions.WalletHub recently released a report that identifies the best places to get married in 2022.WalletHub also found out how cities rank on some of these specific metrics.Brownsville, Texas, for example, was seen as having the lowest average wedding cost, while Bridgeport, Connecticut, was seen as having the highest.HINGE offers $100 child care allowance for single parents in time for Valentine’s Day Orlando and Honolulu in Florida tied for the most flower shops per person, while West Valley City in Utah was considered the least.Orlando, Florida, is considered the best place to tie the knot this year, according to WalletHub.Meanwhile, Los Angeles, New York and Miami all tied for the most bridal stores per capita, while Grand Prairie, Texas, was considered the least.Here are THE best places to get married in 2022, according to WalletHub, for a look at THE overall rankings.1. Orlando, Fla. 2. Las Vegas 3. Miami 4. Knoxville, Tennessee 5.Tulsa, Okla. 6. El Paso, Texas 7. Tampa, Florida 8.9. Atlanta 10. Charleston, W.Va

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