A man in Jiangsu province paid a New Year visit to his relatives, who only prepared four dishes, and was ridiculed for not knowing manners

We must be tired of eating big fish and meat during the Spring Festival. Wherever we go, there is a table of sumptuous dishes. Some of them are exaggerated to the point of having no vegetables at all.There was a man in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, whose family had a big dinner and was very lively every day. However, when he went to visit a relative on the fourth day of junior high school, he encountered a strange thing.Their family came to relatives with a rich gift, relatives are also very enthusiastic, has been chatting, to the meal point, but also to leave them to eat, if you do not eat also angry.The man was embarrassed and even a little angry because he thought they didn’t have the manners to treat guests.The four dishes are really rough, with just two meat dishes, one of which is preserved meat stir-fried with garlic, which is thinly sliced and doesn’t seem to have as much weight as the garlic ballads, and the garlic isn’t stripped of its tender parts and some of the older ones are not thrown away.Another meat dish is fried ham slices with celery. Celery is not small celery, but a cheaper kind of large celery, cut into large pieces and serving much more than ham slices.That leaves two vegetarian dishes, one stir-fried rape and one green bean with mushrooms.Both are quick dishes, ready to serve in less than five minutes and seemingly impromptu, without much care.Mushrooms cut into thin slices and stir-fried green beans, with tofu bubbles fired together, taste is actually good, the taste of mushrooms is very fresh and tender, green beans bean fragrance is very full, there are juice absorption tofu bubbles, simple and refreshing very meal.Stir-fried rape is also good, crisp solution greasy, the most suitable for eating too much meat we.These two meat dishes are simple and unremarkable. Bacon and ham slices are common ingredients, but the garlic ballads and celery accentuates the umami flavor and make them more enjoyable.Although the man was unhappy, he ate several meals of meat and enjoyed the home-cooked meal.We chatted while having dinner. The man realized that his relative was in debt due to illness, and the family was not well off. It was very good to treat the few slices of bacon and ham in the family.Hearing this, the man felt guilty and felt that he “judged people by their appearance.” He did not expect that the relative had offered the best of himself to everyone. Although he looked shabby, his sincerity was worthy of respect.After dinner, the man took 2000 yuan and put it under the plate. Although it was not much, it was his own intention. I hope that in the New Year, we will be better and better.Many netizens also published their own opinions, some people said that the green beans garlic Ballads of the New Year to 30 or 40 yuan a catties, shows that relatives pay more attention to the family, some people said that the man is too will make up, relatives sick do not know, did not go to see?What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!(Pictures and materials from the network, if any infringement, contact to delete)

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