After the woman loses uterus, cannot bear beyond, what effect still has?These points deserve attention

The uterus is a female-specific organ, the site of menstruation, and the site of birth of new life. The uterus is located between a woman’s pelvis, central bladder, and rectum.Women’s health and the development of the uterus has a close relationship, if we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus in ordinary life, may cause abnormal problems in the uterus, even the health will be affected, there may be gynecological inflammation.As we all know, when women do not have a uterus, it means that there is no fertility, for those women who have given birth to a baby, perhaps not much impact, but some women have no baby lost the uterus, so it shows that women do not have the right to be a mother.The health of the uterus is related to the health of the female body, which can promote the secretion of estrogen in our body and prevent endocrine disorders. The uterus is a very important immune organ in our body.If the uterus of a woman has abnormal problems, without timely treatment and improvement, it is likely to lead to the aggravation of the disease, affecting health, or the need to remove the whole uterus in serious cases.So what problems do women face when they lose their uterus, besides being infertile?01 What are the effects of the loss of a woman’s uterus, besides infertility?These points worth attention 1, prone to urinary incontinence may be most of the women with urinary incontinence the problem is more understanding, especially those women who gave birth to a baby before, after the birth may lead to urinary tract abnormalities, female pelvic floor muscles and the muscle becomes more relaxed, if of abdominal cavity pressure,It may cause symptoms of urinary incontinence such as leaking urine and coughing.When women lose the uterus, the urinary system will be affected, and there is a problem of urinary incontinence, this situation is more serious, I hope female friends must pay more attention to.2 easy to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders, female friends, healthy body would also be affected, the endocrine disorder because influenced by many factors, our normal diet, living environment and so on are more likely to lead to the female hormone secretion in our body is not stable, lead to the original environment of the female body is disturbed.When a woman loses her uterus, the endocrine system in her body can be seriously maladjusted and disrupted, because the uterus and the ovaries are interdependent. Without the uterus, the ovaries will also be affected.Ovaries can secrete estrogen, when we female body estrogen secretion is insufficient, it will lead to endocrine disorder aggravation, there may be harm to women’s health, reduce the quality of the body, may have the risk of other diseases.3, permanent loss of menstrual uterus is pregnant with new life place, but also the place to produce menstruation, when we do not have a uterus, then menstrual time will not come on time.Menstruation is a unique physiological phenomenon of female friends. When our women have abnormal menstruation, their health will be affected, and harmful substances and garbage toxins in the body can not be smoothly discharged from the body.4, mental problems after some women lose the uterus, there may be some abnormal phenomena in the spirit, mainly because the progesterone and estrogen in the body is reduced, and lead to the original environment of the female body is affected, causing endocrine disorders.It will make the nerves of female friends in a more nervous or melancholy state, will be more sensitive, if the hormone secretion of the female body is not normal, people’s emotions will also be affected.If this situation has not been timely control, it is likely to appear abnormal mental phenomenon, it is suggested that we can care more about the physical condition of female friends, timely control of abnormal mental phenomenon.02 In life, how should we effectively maintain the uterus?1, less stay up late now the continuous development of science and technology, there are more and more electronic products, now the young people have been used to stay up late, some will even hide in the quilt at night to play with the mobile phone, this is some very common things.If you often stay up late, sleep will be insufficient, the burden on your body will be increased, blood circulation and metabolism will be affected, and your face will be a little bad on the second day, which will affect your work efficiency and study efficiency.For women, if stay up late, it may cause endocrine disorders, but also affect the health of the body and the operation of the uterus, leading to the work of the uterus and ovary overload, is not conducive to the maintenance of the uterus.It is suggested that we must stay up less, ensure adequate sleep, sleep a few hours a day, may reduce the burden of the uterus, can improve the symptoms of endocrine disorders.2, away from tobacco and alcohol now smoking and drinking is no longer only men, some women are also slowly infected with the habit of smoking and drinking, women’s health is special, if often smoking and drinking, will lead to stimulation of the uterus and ovary, causing increased burden of the uterus, and even damage to the health of the uterus.If you want to maintain a good uterus, it is recommended that you must get rid of smoking and drinking in time.Today xiaobian to share this, I believe that we have an understanding of the above introduction about women losing their uterus in addition to infertility and what the impact of the problem, the screen before you have any different views?Let us know in the comments section below.Healthy New Year

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