Changde economic opening zone Shimenqiao town: grasp the key points strict responsibility system to carry out in-depth forbidden planting shovel poison work

On March 30, shimenqiao town of Changde Economic development Zone organized staff to go deep into the fields to investigate the illegal cultivation of raw drugs and prevent criminal acts such as marijuana cultivation in the area.Since this year, the town has carried out a solid work of banning the planting of drugs, and actively promoted the work of banning the planting of drugs into the community and the village group, launched the community and village group public security backbone to become the backbone force of inspection and distribution control, and found the greenhouse, rented house illegal cultivation of marijuana in a timely manner.And joint public security departments trace back to the source, strictly investigate the opium poppy, hemp seed sources.Qingming Festival, the weather is warm, is the season of growth of all things.Town party secretary zhou yong says it will hold the original plant seeding, emergence of drug, harvest key nodes, such as targeted to carry out propaganda work, screening, rooting out, investigate, strict responsibility, do “screen key areas, key personnel propaganda education 100% and 100%, 100% against illegal processing plant personnel, dereliction of duty 100% oversight of accountability”.The town also uses radio, “two micro one shake” and other media to carry out anti-drug propaganda, so that the masses understand the characteristics of the original plant drugs, the harm of illegal planting activities, the legal knowledge and public security organs to crack down on the results of the plant ban, effectively enhance the awareness of the masses.We will encourage officials and the public to visit villages and households, and strictly prevent villagers from planting raw drug plants on private plots, fields, abandoned homesteads, inaccessible mountain forests, and greenhouses.(Correspondent: Li Jin)

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