Grass shampoo, are you still using that standard?

In recent years, the concept of silicone oil free shampoo is really more and more popular, a lot of small friends grass shampoo, first say hello is not good, and then ask: “is it silicone oil free?”But do we really need to choose silicone-free shampoos?Today tao Shu on this issue, for you to talk in detail.What exactly is silicone oil?Silicone oil is polydimethylsiloxane, a chemical added to traditional shampoos to make hair smooth. The amount of polysiloxane in a shampoo is usually less than 4 percent.Why do you add silicone oil to your shampoo?The hair is keratin protein is formed, have uneven wool scale, wool scale can become warped when washing hair every time, increase the friction between the hair, bring about hair dishevelled.And the silicone oil in the shampoo can be attached to the gap between the hair scales, so that the surface of the hair will be filled up, and the hair will be more supple.However, silicone oil compounds attached to hair make it more likely to absorb dust from the air, and when hair dries, it becomes less fluffy.Silicone shampoo may be a better choice for healthy scalp but with perm and dyeing habits, dry hair and split ends, because it can provide smoother and easier to manage hair.However, for the large amount of oil itself, or hair is relatively soft and rare people, with no silicone oil products will be more refreshing, let hair fluffy.
Choose shampoo without silicone oil or containing silicone oil, or depends on the hair quality and needs. First of all, for those with little hair loss, Tao’s personal advice is to choose shampoo without silicone oil, which is more fluffy after washing and can also appear to have more hair.Oily hair quality: it is best to choose no silicone oil shampoo, and strive for high cleaning power + long-term oil control.Dry sex hair is qualitative: need not actually “talk about silicon color changes”, because dry sex scalp grease secrete little, had better choose the shampoo that contains silicon oil.After washing your hair with a shampoo containing silicone oil, the silicone oil attaches to the gap between the scales and fills the surface of your hair, leaving it soft to the touch.Finally, tell everyone that it is not good to have silicone oil, silicone oil is not necessarily bad, suitable for their own is the most important.In short, silicone oil is not the factor that determines whether a shampoo is good or not.

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