Letter of condolence for 2022 Chinese New Year

New Year letters of sympathy time sequence replacement, dream.In the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger, on the occasion of the new and the nice time together, LinXiaZhou to the state security forces, the auxiliary police, public security bureau party committee cadres, workers and retirees and long time concern and support linxia police career development of leaders at all levels, the social from all walks of life, the people and the people the auxiliary police family to express the most heartfelt blessing, the most sincere greetings and best wishes!New Year products old, but peace.Challenge back endeavour, in 2021, a state of the public security organ to xi jinping, the new era thoughts as the instruction, socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the committee of the state and provincial public security department of the strong, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th, “political sunny”, carries forward the spirit of the three cows, unite as one, forge ahead, do become one big difficult,We won a series of big battles and made new progress and achievements on the solid foundation laid by the prefectural public security.New Year, New Year, tiger Tiger.2022 is a year full of hope and challenges, with many events and happiness. We will usher in the 20th CPC National Congress and embark on a new journey for the second centennial struggle. The public security organs of The prefecture will have greater responsibilities, more arduous tasks and more glorious missions.Public security will be exalted in linxia jinping new age the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in-depth study and implement xi general secretary of the important speech spirit, focusing on the annual work, based on the higher goal to pursue, reforming outfit,, BeiDao and into, “a year with new position, new attitude, new bear, struggling to write a new chapter, linxia police career developmentWith outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.New Year to send blessings, everything goes well.Dream pursuers never fear mountains high water far, striver always yearn for a new peak.I sincerely wish our great motherland prosperity!Sincerely wish linxia public security career progresses day by day!I sincerely wish prefective public security police, auxiliary police, cadres, workers, retirees and their families a happy New Year, good health, auspicious year of the Tiger and all the best!Linxia Public Security Bureau Committee of CPC January 31, 2022

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