Liu Qingfeng, IFLYtek: We have the ability to cross the economic cycle, and we have more confidence in 2022

The year of 2021 is the year when IFLYtek’s base business takes root.Our base business is our ticket through the economic cycle, allowing us to change the world with innovation more easily.This year, IFLYtek’s base business took root in education, medical care, consumers, smart city, operators, automotive intelligent services and other fields, and achieved gratified results.Base business and systematic innovation are the two core strategies supporting the “14th Five-Year plan” of IFLYtek.At present, iFLYtek’s base business has been built into the sustainable development advantage of “rigid demand + generation difference”.In 2022, our base area business will enter the harvest period of development!We have the initial ability to cross the economic cycle, and we are more confident than ever to achieve the 14th Five-Year Goals by 2022.When we truly meet the needs of users and are unique, no one can stop us from moving forward.Under the background of national tax reduction and negative reduction, Iflytek has made great tax contributions.Last year, IFlytek paid a total tax of 1.595 billion yuan and contributed 1.7 billion yuan in local value. In Anhui alone, it paid more than 100 million yuan in taxes every month. Its corporate income tax increased by 32% from 754 million yuan to 998 million yuan.Iflytek’s tax contribution is inseparable from its own development of hard power, but also from a firm sense of social responsibility.Stay true to our original aspiration and continue to lead the future of artificial intelligence.In the next step, IFLYtek will continue to make breakthroughs in artificial intelligence source technology, solve daily needs, and promote social progress and development.The future development of IFLYtek is worth looking forward to.

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