Really people!Famous stars pay their own money to join the Chinese Super League, giving up millions to come to China

Brazilian defender Wallace, a former lazio player, is set to join Chinese Super League (CSL) promoted wuhan Sanzhen, foreign media have confirmed.It is understood that Wallace’s transfer fee is around 250,000 euros, and there are reports that Wallace made great personal sacrifices in order to be able to play in the Chinese Super League, and even paid his own money in order to get the opportunity to move to Wuhan.Wallace currently plays for Turkish league team Malatya Sports.According to Turkish newspaper Ajansspor, Wallace gave up his salary at Malatya Sports amounting to 300,000 euros in the transfer process.This money should be malatya sports should pay Wallace part of the salary this season, but in order to smoothly join wuhan three towns, Wallace took the initiative to give up this money, finally let Malatya sports agreed to his transfer to the Super league at a low price.It should be said that Wallace was willing to “pay his own money” to come to the Super league, which is not expected by many people.But this move undoubtedly greatly promoted the transfer speed, especially for Wuhan three towns, Wallace’s “generous”, they finally only paid a transfer fee of 250,000 euros to get a powerful foreign aid, it is very cost-effective.Of course, Wallace would rather give up up to 300,000 euros of personal income, but also to join wuhan three towns, presumably because the other party promised to give him a higher value of the contract.Chinese super foreign aid pre-tax maximum salary is 3 million euros, Wallace even if not this figure, but must come to China to play a higher annual salary than in Turkey, so what is heavy, Wallace or very will hold.In fact, in the history of Chinese Super League teams, there have been some willing to pay their own money to move to China, such as former Beijing Guoan foreign player Ralph, also gave up part of his salary in his former club.This time Wallace “old tricks”, can also see that he is really want to develop in the Super.

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