Shangqiu Poetry Society “Lantern Festival” works collection

No. 616Zheng Xianzhang qing-hai li Tang Qinliang Feng Shaosong Zhang Yuping Yang Zhongxin Zhang jianmin Dong-ya zhang Liu Xiancang Li Huimin rui-xiang li New bourgeois ZuoDe pure cui NieShenLin Xiang-jie meng hong-ying zhu Zheng Xuede Chang Ailian kan ShuJing ZhuHong art wen-zheng wang ge xia book/dong-hai liu nonyl Yin Lantern Festival (the Chinese nutonetm) article/Zheng Xianzhang orientation quit old drums loud, cattle to tiger to prosperity.The women’s soccer team won the gold medal, and the skater took the gold medal.Brocade lights sparkling teng Rainbow gas, ribbon fluttering dance purple smoke.Guotai Minan mingyue night, China million households celebrate reunion.Yuan Xi Yin/Li Qinghai Shangyuan Shengjing joy boundless, paper candle flying flowers night.Bamboo horse land boat gun, ox jade tiger lock smoke.Wen Xiu Wuyan Qingming Day, Fu Shunmin an Daoyian.Vigorous awakening of insects, verdant spring again.Lantern Festival sentience/Tang Qinliang just felt the ox to welcome the Year of the Tiger, yuanxiao festival and xi linked.Thousands of jade reed fragrance, thousands of households qiongjiang futian overflow.Winter Olympic Bird’s Nest shenhuo Wang, ice rink snow path daughter pian.Northern Xinjiang South China Sea with celebration, the nation changlong dream circle.On the First Month of the year, under the lanterns, nine mo seven qu thick.Wall hanging peach character disappear cold meaning, door hanging neon color accumulate spring sound.Mei opened a case corner show, fire reflected window two red.Song and dance riddles boiled round jade, two bottles of green ants continued.Binary evening festival all over the world, guest friends yingmen wine tea.Bright moon thick empty xieyu, candle lights shine to flow xia.Seven auspicious spring early, two wisps of poetry emotional Chinese.A few words of my heart, xuan wind sent thousands of me.(three) the passage of time wangnian round, and degrees of Lantern Festival Haiyue new.Purple gas rising plum spit jade, ice to melt willow spring.The original heart did not change the dream of a strong country, the old steed is still with the heart.Still have residual candlelight how much, afterglow still according to the universe.The Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival The Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival the Lantern FestivalLittle color candle dragon fire dance, all green water brocade fish huan.Jinzun sake to add heroic, jade chopsticks dainty smile.Also wish the whole family with a beautiful, warm and harmonious together lightly.In the new era, Chinese children are more heroic.The river surges up and down, and the land is white with snow.Auspicious Auspicious tiger pray for peace, star numerous jiao yue silver ribbon.View the sky from Shenzhou 13.(two) festival Yuanxiao Dragon teng Huanyu air, flying over the ideal realm.Phoenix shu wings ana zi, dance and harp show love.Happy to see the winter Olympic Games are in sound, celebrating together to the future.Full of vitality flavor, night snack urban and rural rainbow.(three) mountain huan shui laughing country will Renaissance in the annals of history, calmly seek time not to wait.National unity and sincerity, secure victory to climb to the top of the platform.The mountains are bathed in sunshine, singing and laughing lyric bosom.Water from the wind overflow spring scenery, smile to meet the party autumn open.Lantern Festival lyrics/Zhang Jianmin Spring breeze warm willow demon, misty blue water boat sail floating.Nanjiang tree flower brocade cluster, north frost wrapped shoot.Winter Olympic flame Miao Wang, ice and snow athletes voice high.Dragon Dance festival, Lantern Festival Lantern Festival.Partridge day yuanxiao article/Zhang Donga Xinzheng 15 moon circle, thousands of households red light hanging.Chang ‘e dances wide sleeves, the beautiful moonlight all over China.Enjoy lanterns and eat tangyuan.Yuan Yuan ruyi warm spring.Fireworks dazzle urge journey, dragon dance celebrate wangnian.The moon hangs high on the yuan, wan Mu coruscate new face, flowers blooming like brocade full courtyard, spend the festival reunion.Children accompanied by shooting tiger, sister-in-law hand in hand flower boat, jubilant Qinghua, bless the country strong people.Yuanxiao has sent text/Li Huimin fireworks to see the frequency of the festival, Huang Ying high-profile Yuanxiao hazy bright moon swim xinhai snow lanterns especially jiao Yuan Night text/Li Ruixiang the vast East China Sea kai ice wheel, splendid China new weather.The whole country jubilant song shengshi, unlimited future and spring.The Lantern Festival (new rhyming) text/Ge Xia Lantern Festival to xi Qing thick, outside the Jiangnan smile.Firetree honeysuckle open everywhere, China spring warm drunk ploughing weng.Lantern Festival zhang Jianmin Festival scenery thick, streets and lanes light long red.Smoke clouds clear water night, fire tree silver never night city.Lantern Festival three first article/Zuo Dechun (a) magpie called on the yuan chuan Xi Sound, athletes add gold winter Olympics.Rising jade rabbit neon flash, full moon watch lamp music since Yin.(two) The sunset on the West Hill, jade plate rising, in groups of lanterns.The night is dim and the stars twinkle, and the laughter deepens.(three) Pound practice son sky guest, day, lonely Chang ‘e night does not sleep.Regret thief lingdan into hatred, husband and wife grace love world.Festival Lantern Festival (new rhyme) article/Cui Xinru fireworks lights up all night, strike band round.Bright bright thousand degrees, people drunk spring breeze and prime.The bright moon and the east wind never night, the silver flower and the fire tree band circle.Should drink thousands of cups of wine, live up to China’s grand event year.The fifteenth day of ren Yin looked at the sky, lonely Chang ‘e looked at the blue dome.Where is the fire tree silver flower?It’s all in the mind of the poet.(two) a laurel soul hanging in the sky, no fireworks hinder the moon.Yilou bustling truth now, Lingtai like this into Asgard.Make yuanxiao text/Zhu Hongying The 15th Round night of May, spring tian Wanshuhong.Dragon chase colorful embroidery, play phoenix fight male and female.Endless flavor, fresh incense yi wind.Carnival lights gather, worship changting tomorrow.The moon reflected in the sky at night, the wind stroke face less know cold.The spring breeze melts the rain and cleanses the heart.Before the festival, chang ‘e admire not flying fairy.Pray for full moon reunion.Ren Yin Lantern Festival/Zheng Xuede Silver round moon night, lantern show liang Yuanxiao.Winter Olympics flower ice race, spring breeze willow eye drift.Cook busy respect ancestor, riddles break Yin recruit.Happy peace festival, God chau as shun yao.The Lantern Festival chang Ailian tiger leaping dragon teng boisterous, yangko lion dance mass.Moonlight lantern riddle sleepless night.Charming Yuanxiao long look forward to.Boiling dumplings sweet, fragrant dumplings float fresh.The fireworks were dazzling.Prosperity has returned.Xijiang month. Yuan Night text/Jian Shu Jing magnificent mountains and rivers fragrant, happy family reunion.The cup is drunk with a slight stop.Thousands of homes online.Innumerable flowers, always pale smoke.Peace has been reported.A sea of lights and red flags.Yuan-ri Yuan-Yin lanterns are noisy, and laughter is everywhere.But smell the sound of firecrackers, but see dust smoke cover town.Plum blossom fragrance in, do not change the amorous feelings.Urban village jintu reward, the country jubilant people race romantic.Yumei yuan snack/Ge Xia night lantern bamboo and horse fireworks.Purple qi East comes.Recovery calls the spring breeze.Green girls and red men dance wildly in the moonlight.The stilt strut went up with shouts of joy.Shoot more poetic.Thousands of lights are sleepless at night.Happy tonight with drunk, qingfeng years.The magnificent spring breeze, Yang Liu Du Cui, Sprout Yao Peach.See mountains and rivers, oriole song festival;Urban and rural households, Yan Dance Yuanxiao.Salute, fireworks everywhere, Zhuma Longdeng beaming high.People drunk, beautiful men and women, all show coquettish.Jiangshan so enchanting, the country antai, east ziqi move.Xi Zhongyuan up and down, banners hunting;Inside and outside Shangqiu, good fortune floats.Snow melt ice melt, sunny warm, roaring dragon tide.Na Yuqing, to wait for years of fengshi, splendid Ming Dynasty.Yin Lantern Festival wen/Wang Wenzheng Spring Li Ren Yin, Mei Yan ice solution, sprout sprout woke up.Xi Shangyuan celebration, xiangxiang Winter Olympics, racing snow and ice, the news spread screen.Anti crown is still, acid test code, to answer agricultural workers into the city.Smoke extinguisher, electric honeysuckle fire tree, unique style.Trace back to the origin of legend, jade Emperor woman, pity people.Cloth fireworks and firecrackers, fire guangyao wild, avoid disaster to avoid trouble, to mix king listen to.The Han Emperor chanted, distributed lights, and chanted buddhist scriptures in temples.Advocating folk customs, should accept the new fashion, geng continued civilization.Qinyuan Spring suddenly look back (In China tong rhyme) article/Li Huimin and recall that year, who can know, love diffuse nine moat.Seeing that the bridge was broken in the rain, Xu Xian hesitated.Spread cloud lock fog, weaver wandering.Such as thousands of years, time watch, everywhere spring flowers open for me.The snow melts, the wind is thousands of miles, sweep the dust.Genius in the eye of the beholder.To lay down his life, infatuation has to stay.Sigh time flies, old age;Spring and autumn like an arrow, bright moon new.Smokeless outside the world, there are tears in the book, but it is the wind song to mourn.Looking back, like Yan Tang Wan, dance hot Yaotai.2022.2.15

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