Students at a university in Nanjing, China, wore short black silk skirts while taking exams

In the student period, have to experience large and small exams, the number of exams is simply countless, especially in junior high school and high school, the exam is very much, many students will be more nervous about the exam, especially the final exam results is very important.Students after entering college, through examination before no more, you just need to take part in the final exam, passed the final examinations or not, about whether the college students failed the exam, if you don’t pass the students take the make-up exam, or rebuild the course, many college students are studying hard in order to pass the exam.Exams test students’ learning status in this semester, so that teachers can have an understanding of students’ learning status, so as to facilitate the teaching of students. For some art students, especially music students, the school teachers will take the test one by one, to show teachers their songs prepared, the scene is very tense.Wearing a black silk, nanjing university students to take an examination of netizens disorderly label back Dui art student exam, final projects of the art was born to show itself to the teacher the teacher give scores, music are more nervous, want to live, their prepared songs live performances, the teacher will score below, the final score of a final exam,It can be stressful for students.In an art college in Jiangsu province, during the final exam, there was a girl who took part in the exam, wearing a short black silk skirt and singing her own songs. The girl sang very well, but not few netizens did not put their attention on the girl’s talent, all put on the girl’s dress.Some netizens began to tag the student, and some malicious speculation: students really shouldn’t dress like this, is she trying to get a higher grade in some way?There are many very excessive words, let a person read feel very angry.After reading the comments, the female student wrote her own response: “It’s the 21st century. Those who make wild guesses, where do you stand on the terracotta Warriors?”I have to say that the girl responded very well. She did not pay attention to the students’ works, but paid attention to the girls’ clothes.College students have their own style, strength and appearance, there is no dispute in the comments, or support of female college students is more, students’ performance in the exam is very good, does not need the excessive speculation, you still need to put the eyes on the student’s result, and now the social tolerance of college students is higher,It is also an age to show the vitality of college students.College students have the freedom to dress themselves, wear their favorite clothes in the right occasion, there is nothing wrong, not to mention in the usual study is more serious, otherwise in the exam will not perform so well, college students should be like this, not only study well, but also to care about their personal image.Many college students for their own image is not very care about, for today’s college students, in the development of their own ability, also should pay attention to some of their appearance, appearance is the first impression, or more important, and personal ability is to know after getting along.It is not fair for students to label college students casually because they are more concerned about their personal image. It is not fair for students to deny it without knowing them. Just because she wears the clothes she likes, every college student has his or her own style of dressing, do not deny others.Network is a double-edged sword, college students should know that it is good to do your own thing for this matter, can be fully proved that the effects of network on college students, so college students should pay attention to their words and deeds on the Internet, you can’t teach others, keep yourself, college students under the influence of the network is now very much, always filled with students no longer life.Because there are many students on the Internet is affected and cause your heart is hurt, students should have some consciousness, for your words and deeds should be published on the Internet right, and through some, some words and deeds in the inadvertently hurt someone else, some words like an invisible sword attack others.Can teach students knowledge on the Internet at the same time, also could bring some bad influence to the student, it is good to college students only need to do your own thing, Internet is a virtual world, better grasp the time, good good study, let oneself have a great to come, this is the most should do contemporary college students.Students should seize the present time, study hard, not be affected by outside voices, according to their own plan to do their own things, is the most important.Students should take good control of their own time, improve their ability, but also pay attention to their personal image management, have a better future.Topic of the day: What do you think about this?Feel free to leave a comment below.(Pictures from the network, infringement can be deleted.)If you want to know more, follow yishan’s mom # Knowledge Celebrity Season

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