The other way around!Li jinglei issued a statement explaining “court progress” and Wang Lee-hom rolled over again

Mention the names of Wang Leehom and Li Jinglei, and many netizens will initially react with “annoyance”. Their first reaction is: “What’s wrong with the former couple?”In fact, do not blame the netizens will have this reaction, mainly between the couple of things back and forth, has not been the result.Originally, with the beginning of the New Year, both sides of Wang Leehom and Li Lianglei have been quiet a lot, netizens thought that their dispute has been solved, or just waiting for the sentencing, unexpectedly, behind the calm, but “surging currents”.An insider revealed that leehom had submitted 11 documents in the lawsuit between Leehom and Li liang Lei, but Li Liang Lei had not been able to provide effective evidence to prove that Leehom really cheated on her.According to relevant regulations, if she fails to give evidence within the prescribed time, she is likely to be detained for disrespecting the court.This message one, set off a storm on the net, did not think of the li Liang Lei that has been in a favorable position, has been saying without evidence, there is no evidence at all in the hand, wang Leehom is wronged?Be in net friend comment in succession of of time, the inversion of incident came again!Seeing the unfolding of the situation, Li lianglei posted a statement on social media, explaining the court’s progress of the online Revelations and her possible detention.The statement said most of the 11 documents Wang provided to the court were one-sided statements that were inconsistent with the facts, and there was no evidence to support his statements.The implication is that the information wang provided is not evidence, he just made it up.In addition, Li Lianglei also said in the statement that they really need to provide evidence in accordance with the provisions of the time, now has been ready to complete, is not an insider said that they have no evidence to provide.After refuting the insider’s Revelations, Li Liang Lei also did not forget to expose wang Leehom’s “true face”.Li jing said she, after wang completed independent health management, has been coordinated with the other side to visit the child’s problem, but the other party has refused to negotiate, than to the children, wang has also refused to pay alimony, even froze li jing’s property, and cut off her economic sources, seems to be going to use this way let li jing she bowed their heads.In Li Liang Lei’s statement, Wang Lee Hom turned over again, it seems that every time he used a variety of means to wash their time, Li Liang Lei can let him turn over in the first time, let him wash more black.Have to sigh, do not casually provoke a woman, especially a woman with culture, high education, or the consequences are quite serious.To be honest, the contradiction between Li Lianglei and Wang Leehom, netizens have been tired, do not want to see, just want to see the truth.I hope Leehom wang and Li Lianglei can quickly solve the problem privately and tell the fans the final result. Don’t continue to occupy public resources, otherwise both sides will lose more than they gain!

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