Wearing a “customer service” suit, selling nearly 50,000 pieces of citizen information, this uncle and nephew planted…

“I kind of knew that they were buying customer information for fraud.My uncle told me that’s where I get all the scam calls and crank calls.”Suspect Xiao Zhao confessed, he also feel that the sale of personal information may be illegal, but in the hands of the rich return in front of, but lucky.”He said it was an opportunity to make my ‘first bucket of gold’ before I went to work.”An uncle and nephew who trafficked nearly 50,000 pieces of citizen information and saw crime as an “opportunity” regretted it too late when facing interrogation.In late March 2021, a cosmetics company in Hangzhou, which mainly operated by e-commerce, received customer complaints one after another, saying that someone was posing as its company brand fraud.In just a few days, as many as 1,000 customers complained, 15 customers have been cheated, the amount of more than 180,000 yuan.After viewing the background access information, the company found that the account used by the employee Xiao Zhao has abnormal browsing data.From 8 o ‘clock on March 12, 2021 to 24 o ‘clock on March 15, 2021, the account browses more than 1,000 pieces of customer information per hour, totaling 64,663 pieces in total, and the IP addresses logged in are not in the company.Zhao used to work as a customer service officer at the company, and his account had the right to view orders, customer information, purchase records and communicate with customers.The company suspected that it was Xiao Zhao who leaked the data and immediately called the police.Soon, the suspect Xiao Zhao and his cousin Lao He were arrested, two people confessed to the crime.It turned out that in February 2021, xiao Zhao, who was about to graduate from college, received a call from his cousin, Lao He, saying, “I have a big business at hand now. Everything is ready, but I am short of manpower. Would you like to make money with me?”Xiao Zhao, who was looking for an internship, agreed.Because he is also the first time to try this “business”, old he can be said to be extremely “careful”, do enough preparation.He not only watched online tutorials and learned technologies in advance, but also searched the market in a chat APP to screen out popular personal information needed by the family. He also spent 500 yuan to buy 50,000 pieces of second-hand customer data of a maternal and child brand (that is, fraudsters have made fraudulent phone calls) to learn the arrangement of data formats.He found that cosmetics and maternal and infant industry company’s customer information is the best to sell, let Xiao Zhao specifically pick such e-commerce companies to apply, into the internal waiting for the opportunity.On March 4, under the guidance of Lao He, Zhao applied for a job as a customer service employee of an e-commerce cosmetics company.The second day of successful entry, after obtaining customer service account number, Xiao Zhao will account number, password told old he.The pictures come from the Internet. Lao He logs in his account at home and uses crawler software to obtain the page information of the merchant background, including the customer’s name, address, telephone number, order and so on.Nephews and uncles each have their own division of labor. One applies for customer service to obtain information sources, while the other sells information online.Lao He’s transactions were made on a foreign chat APP with a strong sense of anonymity.How to enter the group through search network purchase, express and other key words, or pay attention to buy citizen information speech, or take the initiative in the group to release such as “cosmetics information” content information, waiting for others to contact.Group members are basically fraudsters or “intermediaries” who sell citizens’ information and gather in groups to collect information.In this way, He contacted five or six people and offered to sell the stolen information for between 1 yuan and 1.5 yuan per piece of data.However, he was not satisfied with this. In the process of trading, he also staged a “black eat black” drama.He pretended to have a large supply of about 890,000 pieces for sale, and if buyers were suspicious, sent thousands of pieces as bait for inspection.And so on all the money to get, how to cancel the account, disappeared.Soon, he easily into the account of more than two hundred thousand, xiao Zhao also got a bonus of tens of thousands of yuan, bought a new mobile phone.Xiao Zhao was this rich “dream” fan eye, then decided to continue to play with old he.The first company’s customer information was not collected in a few days, old he let Zhao find a reason to resign, continue to look for the next target.On March 24, Xiao Zhao entered another home appliance business company, ready to undertake a new round of information theft, however, has not had time to repeat his old tricks, he revealed his treachery.After review, Lao He, Xiao Zhao secretly steal and sell citizens personal information nearly 50,000, profit more than 260,000 yuan.Recently, the gongshu district people’s Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, the court was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years and nine months for the crime of violating citizens’ personal information, and was fined 190,000 yuan, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years, suspended for three years, and fined 75,000 yuan, confiscation of all illegal income of two people.(All characters in the article are pseudonyms) Source: Hangzhou Procuratorial wechat official account

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