Woman caught in subway screen door dies!Here are 7 things you must know to ride the subway safely

An elderly woman was caught in a screen door when she got off the subway at qi ‘an Road station on Line 15 in Shanghai at around 4:30 PM on Jan 22.Relevant departments have been involved in the specific cause of the accident, and further investigation is under way. The operator deeply regrets the unfortunate death of the passenger, and will fully cooperate with the investigation, and do a good job in the family comfort and follow-up matters.When we take the elevator, sometimes the door is about to close, and we can’t catch up, we always use a variety of things: hands, feet, bags…When we are running for the subway or high-speed train, we sometimes use something in our hands to stop the doors from closing as soon as they start to close, thinking that we can squeeze into the car. This is very dangerous!There are four common misconceptions about subway screen doors. Myth 1: The screen door will bounce open when blocked. Usually when people get on or off an elevator, if the door is about to close, they stick their hand between the two doors and the door senses something and opens again.But subway doors will only bounce open if they are thicker than the limit.There’s still a big difference between subway screen doors and elevator doors!Due to the difference in the size of the hand and the touching area, when we extend our hand to block the screen door, the subway screen door may not be sensitive, and the screen door will not spring open, but stubbornly continue to close, causing unnecessary harm.Do not put your hand between the screen door do not put your hand between the screen door do not put your hand between the screen door do not put your hand between the screen door say the important thing three times!!Remember!Imagine a screen door that senses an object and opens wide. Nearby passengers could enter, open, and re-enter the train.At stations with heavy traffic, this opening and closing can be repeated many times, causing delays and compromising operational safety.Therefore, when encountering an obstacle, the subway screen door will open and close again to ensure that the train can leave the station in time as planned while the witness can remove the obstacle in time.Misunderstanding three: do not understand the opening and closing mode of the shielding door shielding door and subway door have two anti-clip buffer, repeatedly bounced open three times, such as again encountered obstacles, the shielding door will be completely open.As long as one door is not closed, the train will not start and will stay on the platform until all the doors and screen doors are closed.Therefore, in the peak passenger flow, snatching, snatching behavior will increase everyone’s travel time.Some passengers believe that if they squeeze through the screen door, they will be able to squeeze into the carriage.But that’s the most dangerous, because you can get stuck between the screen door and the car door.Although the screen doors in each station are equipped with obstacle detection protection devices, to prevent people trapped in the screen door and the door between.But it was too dangerous!So, when the door beeps the alarm and the yellow light flashes to indicate that the door is about to open or close, please do not approach the door.You must know what to do in an emergency on the subway?01 In case of emergency, use the manual fire alarm button on the wall of station and platform to alarm or directly report to the subway staff, so as to take corresponding measures in time.In case of emergency, keep calm, do not run blindly, follow the command of the staff or broadcast instructions, orderly evacuation according to signs or emergency evacuation signs.When a fire breaks out in the station, use simple protection as far as possible, such as covering your mouth and nose with a wet towel, and evacuate by leaning close to the ground according to the direction of evacuation.If you are on fire, do not run, but roll on the spot or press the fire extinguisher with heavy clothing.You are also not allowed to take the vertical elevator inside the station.When poisonous gas occurs at the station, wash exposed skin with running water after escaping to a safe place.In case of power failure, please keep calm and follow the instructions of station announcer and staff.Remember: Do not use emergency equipment unless something else has happened.This tragedy also reminds everyone: when the door is about to close, if you can not get on the car, please wait patiently for the next bus do not forcibly block the screen door closed get on the car safe travel from their own start!Sources: Health Chengdu official Micro blog, Cover News, Education Center of Emergency Management Department, Sichuan Education Observation SCTV

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