Xiapu County in Fujian province has issued a yellow alert for frost

Xiapu County Meteorological Observatory changed to issue yellow warning signal for frost at 16:27 on February 20, 2022:Yesterday night my county Baiyang township, Shuimen township and other high altitude mountain township lowest temperature has dropped to 0℃ below, is expected tonight my county Baiyang township, Chongru township, Shuimen township and other mountain township lowest temperature can reach -2 ~ 2℃, other towns 3 ~ 5℃, frost or frost.Please take precautions!Within 24 hours, the lowest ground temperature will drop below -3 ° C, which will have a serious impact on agriculture, or it has already dropped below -3 ° C, which will have a serious impact on agriculture and may continue to do so.1. The government and agricultural and forestry departments shall do the emergency work of frost prevention according to their duties;2. Rural grassroots organizations should mobilize the masses to prevent and combat disasters;3. For crops and forestry breeding, frost and freezing prevention measures such as field irrigation should be actively adopted to reduce losses as far as possible;4. Cover vegetables, flowers, melons and fruits, spray antifreeze and other measures to reduce freezing injury.Source: China Weather

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