@ Young applicant: Don’t forget to do this before the physical examination!(speed)

Many school-age youth in the process of recruiting for physical check is unqualified and military dream lost but there are some problems in fact can be found early, early adjustment, early treatment here small make up to sort out the 10 multiple problems in physical examination and treatment of small suggested that students want to join the army quickly to check (at the end of the article attached to apply medical 27 q) defend need body school-age youth to take actionExtremely trying to eliminate possible body hidden danger for the “military dream” be well prepared attached to apply physical examination of 27 ask left source: hunan conscription editor: Xiong Minggang: method of li nan audit: endowment yunbo disclaimer: 1, this platform release information are all non-profit news propaganda, if there is infringement, please inform us to delete, this site does not assume tort liability.2. Reprint or quote the content of this platform shall be marked with the words “transferred from (or quoted from) Wenshan Publication”.3. The Platform shall not be liable for civil disputes, administrative treatment or other losses caused by improper reprinting or quoting of the contents of the website.

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