Hainan Changjiang focuses on improving the coverage of sewage treatment facilities

The original title:ChangJiang coverage to improve sewage treatment facilities hold “six water should be” tough good beginning February 7, is the first working day after the Spring Festival, ChangJiang li nationality autonomous county in the county cultural park “six water should be” one thousand people in 2022 pledging conference, announced the condensed attack all power to the water environment issues, lift the “six water should be” tough,Let the county water clearer, greener shore, more beautiful scenery, for The rapid pace of Changjiang on the green sustainable high quality development road to consolidate the ecological environment foundation.Relevant responsible persons of provincial water affairs department attended the event.Last year, after ChangJiang province water under the strong support of the hall, to the central environmental protection supervision feedback problem rectification as an opportunity to promote urban sewage disposal work, spent 220 million yuan on the county sewage treatment plant DiBiao renovation and construction of the villages and towns sewage treatment plant, let emissions standards from level 1 B into A level 1 A, realizing A complete coverage of eight villages and towns sewage treatment plant,Centralized collection of urban domestic sewage was 29 percent, 9 percentage points higher than in 2020.This year, Changjiang plans to invest another 150 million yuan to upgrade the domestic sewage pipe network in shilu, Changhua and Forhe towns of the county, to further improve the domestic sewage pipe network facilities and make up for shortcomings.After the completion of the project, the coverage of sewage treatment facilities will be further improved and the area of sewage collection will be increased.In the morning of February 7, in the county’s Shiliu reservoir, the reinforcement project is under construction.Shilu Reservoir is the water source of living water for shilu town residents. In September 2021, shilu reservoir reinforcement project was officially started.The total investment of the project is about 240 million yuan. The construction contents include seepage prevention and reinforcement treatment of the south auxiliary dam, spillway removal and reconstruction, spillway metal structure and electrical equipment replacement, etc.”At present, the project is progressing smoothly and is scheduled to be completed by April next year.By then, the county’s water supply for residents and agriculture will be further guaranteed.”Zhong Fei, director of the Changjiang Water Service Center, said that the current reservoir capacity is 39.7 million cubic meters, ensuring that the county residents during the dry water will not be affected by the construction.On the same day, changjiang water control office operation.ChangJiang li autonomous county wei secretary Chen Rumao said, protect water resources and water environment, improving ChangJiang ecological environment is the intrinsic need, also is ChangJiang green sustainable high quality development tasks, the bottom line to the county and get up the battle resilience is a winning energy, for a long time for work, to the county power twist into a rope, interest makes toward one place, make sure win this battle, the protracted war.

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