Hefei Yihejiayuan primary school: Spring curriculum (four) green plant nameplate hanging

The epidemic is like the haze, as if it has always been lingering in our minds, but in the face of this war without smoke, we are still full of hope, looking forward to winter to spring, embrace spring.We firmly believe that this year’s spring will be as usual, there is strong sunshine, bright flowing to the ground, become the whole bed green.In order to promote “love green protect green” action, motivate teachers and students together patience waiting for the end of the outbreak, hope to meet spring brightness, and further implement the “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” ecological environmental protection concept, h cabal two campus combining school second grade 1 + 5 a “four seasons” course of moral education courses, and organizes the student completed a green journey together.Warm coquetry shu charm, meet the smile spring breeze exhibition enchanting.Each class around “sowing hope, harvest growth” to carry out a variety of thematic class meetings.In the class meeting, the teacher in charge of the class through some small stories to the students in-depth about the origin of “Arbor Day”, the benefits of planting trees, planting attention, and stressed that in daily life to love green protect green, protect the environment.And I hope the students to take action, more than a love, more than a care, from now on, take good care of the grass and trees around, protect the environment, green the campus.The students also learned a lot of knowledge about planting trees through video learning and consulting materials, leaving a green mark in their lives!Green painting intoxicating yan, love in the pen embellish book.The students with a joy of green, a reverence for green, a vision of green, put this innate fear of nature and life in the nib, fell on the paper, draw a colorful green plant cards, with the way of painting and calligraphy “dialogue” with nature.We will embrace nature, place ourselves in the green ocean, looking at all kinds of plants growing strong and healthy, green brings us relax, purify our minds.We cannot do without nature, we cannot do without “green”.The green we enjoy today is the carefully cultivated green in the past. Only in the future, we still love green and protect green, can we enjoy the endless gift of green every spring.

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