Heze mortgage down payment to 20%!The bailout is coming!

According to the latest media news, a few days ago, the Bank of China, agricultural Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, The Construction Bank of the four major banks reduced the heze city personal housing loan down payment ratio, “no housing no loan” buyers down payment ratio from the previous minimum 30%, down to the minimum 20%.It is reported that for households without houses under their names (excluding rural collective land houses, the same below) and without personal housing loan records, those who apply for loans to buy ordinary houses can pay 20% down payment.In addition, the minimum down payment ratio is divided into 25%, 30% and 40% according to whether there is a house under your name, whether there is a housing loan record and whether the loan record is settled.For example, for households that have no housing under their name and have personal housing loan records and have been settled or actually have one housing but no loan records, they can apply for loans to buy ordinary housing, and the down payment ratio can be 25%.According to this news, heze first suite minimum down payment can do 20%, second suite minimum down payment can do 25%.This is not a modest policy.You know, for many people, the down payment is a key issue, and many people are often unable to scrape together the down payment and are turned away.Especially the second suite, like Jinan, the second suite down payment proportion is 60%, and basically buy the second set are improved, according to the three thousand sets of calculation, also have 1.8 million down payment, how many people can take it out.Like Heze, the house price is not too high, Shandong province 16 cities last, plus 20% or two sets of 25% down payment, or more friendly to homebuyers.Had earlier in the housing market and net friend chat, the government rescue measures, or change the current property market flagging means are: first, cancel the purchase, like most cities now purchase two sets, jinan is, this locality census register purchase two sets of, from a set, if let go or slightly loose, the market is a great stimulus.Second, the down payment proportion adjustment, needless to say like Heze, the first set can do 20%, two sets can do 25%, such a big stimulus;Just say two sets, such as Ji ‘nan two sets of down payment if you can do 40%, is a great stimulus to the property market.Third, the loan rate loosening, this impact is limited.But now a few banks are really loose, even if loose also not low, than 2020 when, loan interest rate is much higher, like heze the first loan interest rate of a lot of banks, at present mostly in 5.25 above, do not say discount, can do benchmark also go.Heze is reducing the down payment ratio, related to the local property market recession.Let’s take a look at the data of last year. According to the Information Publicity of Stock Residential Land in The Third quarter of 2021 of Heze Municipal District released by Heze Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the stock residential land area in Heze urban area is 1533.78 hectares.According to the inventory of residential land projects in Heze city, only in Heze urban area (excluding Dingtao District), there are 141 projects for sale, and the area of houses for sale is as high as 10.9626 million square meters.Such a large inventory, the housing market is so depressed, the direct impact of the government is difficult to sell land, non-local developers to Invest in Heze is not high, so, need to find a way to solve the housing market problem.Lowering the down payment is just one of them, but there will be others, depending on how effective it will be.In addition, heze property market to restore buyers’ confidence, also need to solve the delayed delivery, bad tail run away, resettlement fees arrears and other problems, don’t let buyers buy a suite, but buy an unknown.This is also important.In 2018 Heze had started the first gun to cancel the property market restrictions, the results of the uproar, is considered to relax the property market policy, this time, I believe that will not die halfway.Before Heze, another city in Shandong, Jining, also reported the cancellation of sales restrictions.That is, since February 7, 2022, the policy of “limited sale” of second-hand houses in Jining will be cancelled, and the transactions of second-hand houses will not be affected by the full year, and the real estate ownership certificate can be traded.To know, on August 4, 2021, Jining only limited sales policy, new homes and second-hand housing property rights can be listed after 2 years.On December 27, 2021, it was just adjusted to: starting from January 1, 2022, for families with two or more houses (including new commodity housing and second-hand housing), the purchase of new commodity housing and second-hand housing, must obtain real estate certificate full one year before the listing transaction.A family of housing is not restricted transactions.So fast pace of adjustment of the property market limited sales policy, Jining’s property market pressure is not small ah.

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