Luliang hui Chi Bangdian, excellent price, fast car, car purchase security!

Global chip emergency, buy early discount, now car foot ~ to buy as soon as possible!To store shopping can enjoy exclusive store eight heavy gift: ordering ritual: ordering lottery win a luxury home appliance, prize financial gift: 100% down payment of 3000 yuan to open the kei, 5 years long low-interest loans hwan new gift: free evaluation and displacement at the highest 7000 yuan subsidy referral ceremony: turn introduced car success to send rice cooker one or 200 yuan man-hour vouchers to test-drive the ritual:During the activity, any car model can be given a beautiful gift of a carefree gift: 299 yuan limited time purchase 1299 yuan Qi Hang carefree gift package welcome to the shop to enjoy the car test drive, calm test drive, one to one professional service, so that you can enjoy the ultimate VIP service.Online reservation to enjoy the great gift!Free consultation hotline: 0358-8333335 Address: Luliang City High-speed Xikou Jufu auto Trade Park

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