Spring go grassroots | tianjin rail transit construction project latest progress of you looking forward to come

The beginning of spring today, the fourth day of the New Year as the saying goes:People in eatingScale in look not to know you fat a few jins of the Chinese New Year holiday more than half the accepting heart ready to years of work and as we look at nearly two weeks since the latest progress in the construction of rail transit in tianjin, the first phase of the subway line 10 November 20, chang ling road station – shield smoothly between lijiang road station right line hanging out on 21 Long Han standing air duct and 2 D entrances 31 on the sealing of body structureAs of February 4, the main body of tianjin Metro Line 10 station and tunnel section have been completed.Link up of double long track between Woo Road station and Lantau Terminal;Shaliu Road main power supply completed;Except for the three stations of Nanzhuqiao, Youyi South Road and Lijiang Road, the main equipment installation of the station has been basically completed, and 75% of the station decoration has been completed.During the Spring Festival, a total of 127 staff members stayed in Tianjin for the New Year.During the Spring Festival, the freight of the special line of Nangang MTR logistics does not stop, and 38 people stay in Tianjin for the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival of Jinxing Intercity Railway, yongqing beam making plant of the second section of Jinxing intercity Railway carried out continuous construction, and the number of construction workers was 126;The beam making plant of the third section is under continuous construction, and the number of construction workers is 77.Metro line 7 on November 27, the first phase of reed between north road station to hongyuan road station line right through the loop acceptance 21. 27 reed north road station to hongyuan road station acceptance smoothly through the shield of the left line of initial conditions between the first phase of the subway line 8 November 27, the green park station to orchid road station line right through the shield originating conditions between acceptance changtai hedong standing on the 21st, smooth finishCut into gas pipeline,Marks the second station pipeline moving work completed the first phase of metro line 11 November 20, xueyuan road station to haihe river between east road station right line smoothly through the haihe river level I risk source in the winter time for builders Especially this winter outbreak of the current period in the back Cold enveloped in addition to the various safety civilized construction measures about nucleic acid detection sanitizersTemperature closed management registration masks scattered repast also unconsciously became the norm into volunteer rescue of isolation level steadily push forward the construction engineering construction we strive to go on Solar term faithfully record life is filled with merits and accomplishments but also in the land of poetic habitation does not have a winter a not the past, the spring would not be coming spring begins todayMay spring thunder ring when the epidemic dissipated early life back on track in the year of the Tiger refueling

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