Story: Because we are needed, so we are in

“Take a rest, old man. I’ve left my luggage here.Your train will not check in for another 30 minutes. I will come back later to take you to the station.”Young volunteer Cheng Juan helps an elderly passenger at nanchong Station of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., LTD in Suining, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, Feb. 2, 2019.Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year, which is also a day for family reunion, but nanchong Station is still crowded with people. In order to ensure the safety and smooth travel of passengers, the Party youth League Branch of Nanchong Station has set up a Party member service team to provide services for passengers in the ticket office, waiting room and other key places.Cheng Juan’s job is not actually a passenger carrier, but an assistant on duty who deals with trains all the year round. But as the league branch secretary of Nanchong Station, when volunteers are needed to help guide passengers during holidays, she is always the first to sign up.In the mini program, she volunteered 108 hours in 2021 and more than 20 hours since this year’s Spring Festival travel rush.In order to better complete the consulting service work, Cheng Juan will participate in the passenger service training whenever she is free, to have a more comprehensive understanding and mastery of the epidemic prevention and control, passenger transportation knowledge, service skills and other key work.As a young worker who has been working for 5 years, Cheng Juan has been volunteering for 5 years.”Volunteering is not easy. It takes legs and voice.”So before the holidays, she would tell everyone to equip themselves with large water glasses and prepare a golden voice for everyone.Because home in Chengdu, a small day off time to nanchong – Chengdu two running seems a little nervous, so many times Cheng Juan chose to take on the volunteer work.”I chose to stay in Nanchong during my short break because I need a good rest and I prefer to spend my time doing more meaningful things rather than wasting it on the road.”The Spring Festival transport, Cheng Juan still stick to the post, sometimes on the platform to pick up the car, sometimes in the waiting room to answer the passenger consultation, but no matter in which post, are protecting the safe way home of passengers.Looking at home to visit relatives, holiday students face filled with happiness smile, Cheng Juan is also very envious.”On the New Year’s Eve of my first year in China, I was on the night shift and still sad about not being able to go home. When I heard my colleagues’ wishes on the intercom, saw fireworks in the distant sky, and guarded a train of bullet trains full of passengers, I think this is the Spring Festival for every worker who sticks to his post.”In order to tens of millions of passengers home, there are many people like Cheng Juan stick to their posts, whether in the railway, community or street, because they are needed, so they are in.China traffic broadcast: elegant

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