“The twelfth lunar month avoid the tail, the first lunar month avoid the head”, before and after the Spring Festival these five taboo to keep in mind, some truth

The Spring Festival is a long history, from the ancient times of the first year of worship evolved from the historical festival, all things on the day, people on the ancestors, pray for the age of worship, worship the god of the law, reported this reverse also.The origin of the Spring Festival contains profound cultural connotations and carries rich historical and cultural deposits in the process of inheritance and development. During the Spring Festival, there are various activities to celebrate the Spring Festival in various places. During the Spring Festival, there are also many taboos left by our ancestors.There is a saying: the end of the Twelfth lunar month, the end of the first lunar month, meaning that the twelfth lunar month is the last month of the year, called “the end of the year”, the twelfth lunar month taboo more, especially after the little New Year, pay attention to more.The first month is the beginning of the year, and there are many taboos from the first to the 15th day of the first month.Many people feel that it is unlucky to get married in the twelfth lunar month. “La” has a similar pronunciation with “pull down”, and most people try to avoid it as much as possible.Of course, this is a superstition, the time to get married, does not affect the length of the marriage, mainly depends on the affection of the two people.In ancient times, the wedding ceremony was very complicated. China is a country of rites and ceremonies, and ancient times paid more attention to these. Marriage is a major event in life, so it is natural that we should not play with it.And the twelfth month to prepare for the New Year, and to prepare for the New Year goods, but also to worship ancestors, people may not be so much mind management of the engagement ceremony, which may be lost, so that the family lost courtesy.In ancient times, there has been a saying that “the twelfth month is not married, and the first month is not married.”02 December don’t move said housewarming, moving is a great event, is worth celebrating, but ancient people do not like to move, December move is more not.The ancients have a saying “people move three empty, fire move three road extinguish”, the ancients think when moving to avoid too old, “migration arrived too old fierce, negative too old also fierce”, face and back to too old azimuths move are the omen of great evil, if you have to move, also want to avoid too old.Pay attention to geomantic omen in ancient times, geomantic omen says Yang qi wang people, Yin qi hurts people, the weather is cold in the twelfth lunar month, if you move, may block the prosperity of the home, the twelfth lunar month move is unlucky.These two are actually superstitious, but also has practical significance, as the saying goes, “the Laba is the year”, the Month people are busy with the Chinese New Year, so there are a lot of things to do, move is very troublesome, move to a new home to pick up, may delay the Chinese New Year, so want to move, generally have to wait until after the Year.As the saying goes, “twenty-nine do not come to the door, thirty do not collect debts”, do not go to other people’s houses on twenty-nine day, New Year’s Eve this day can not come to the door to collect debts.29 people are busy and may not have time to entertain guests, so try not to drop in on them, or it will be disrespectful to both parties.On New Year’s Eve, people make dumplings. If they collect debts on this day, it will make both sides unhappy. If something extreme happens, it’s not good.The day of “Guo Nian” is extremely important in the eyes of the Chinese people.Now this taboo makes a lot of sense.The ancient people believed that The New Year’s Eve was a time for family reunion. If an outsider came, it would damage the family’s good luck and wealth. This was mainly aimed at the married daughter.Of course, these are feudal superstitions, but for the sake of the stability of the daughter’s family, it is true that the New Year should not be celebrated at her parents’ home. After all, the in-laws will not be happy if they cannot get together, which may affect the relationship between the couple and, most importantly, may be gossiping, which is not good for the girl’s reputation.In many places, there is a saying that “my uncle died when I cut my head in the first month”. In fact, this saying has its origin.During the Great migration of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty, many Shanxi people left their hometown to settle down in Henan and other places. The migrants miss their hometown very much, which is called “thinking of the old”, which has nothing to do with hairdressing.Later, the Qing Dynasty issued the “shaving order”, and the Han people were forced to cut off their long hair. The Han people missed the Ming Dynasty, so there was “nostalgia” for not cutting their hair in the first month, which later evolved into “dead uncle”.Although cutting hair in the first lunar month does not kill my uncle, people still observe it.There are many taboos about The Chinese New Year. Perhaps this is not scientific, but people still abide by it. 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