The yellow Code Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University successfully completed its mission of epidemic prevention

On the afternoon of February 6th, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University received a notice from the superior authorities that the designated hospital for the treatment of risk personnel of Daming Palace (Yellow Code Hospital) successfully completed the designated epidemic prevention task, stopped medical treatment as planned, and all staff evacuated from the isolated hotel in an orderly way and began to stay at home for seven days.President Li Zongfang, Vice president Gao Ya, Vice president Li Xiaopeng and relevant department heads visited the hotel and held a simple and warm welcome ceremony for the team members.On December 22, 2021, Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission plans to build a designated hospital for risk personnel in Xi ‘an to provide medical security for patients in the containment area, control area, isolated patients and risk personnel whose health code is red code and yellow code, and decides to adjust the Daming Palace Area of the Second Affiliated Hospital to a designated hospital for risk personnel treatment — Yellow code Hospital.The hospital attached great importance to it and took action overnight. On December 23, all the inpatients in Daming Palace were transferred to another hospital.On December 24, the first batch of 111 staff from the whole hospital gathered at the Daming Palace campus. They worked around the clock to renovate the campus in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and put it into trial operation on December 29.”Yellow code hospital” set up outpatient and emergency, internal medicine ward, surgical ward, women and children ward, dialysis tumor ward, CCU, operating room.Adhere to life first, people first, to protect the risk of medical needs.From December 24, 2021 to January 28, 2022 when the last inpatient left the hospital, daming Palace “Yellow Code Hospital” received more than 9,800 consultation calls and specialist visits.1813 outpatient and emergency patients were treated, including 159 infants and 264 obstetrical examinations.381 patients were hospitalized, including 96 patients receiving tumor chemotherapy, 15 newborns and 160 patients receiving hemodialysis.69 critically ill patients were rescued, more than 30 laparoscopic operations under general anesthesia were performed, 15 telematics and interhospital consultations were performed, and 2 pacemakers and coronary stents were installed.15,000 nucleic acid samples were taken.A total of 140 red code patients and 49 yellow code patients were admitted during the period.Since the operation of yellow Code Hospital, a total of 220 medical workers, medical technicians and logistics staff have joined the yellow code Hospital.With the whole xi ‘an city reduced to low risk, the work is gradually ending, the production and life of the city’s people gradually return to normal.On January 31 (New Year’s Eve), some members of the staff of daming Palace began to leave, while 64 party members remained in charge of outpatient and emergency services until February 6.Li Zongfang said in his concluding speech: “In this battlefield of epidemic prevention and control without smoke of gunpowder, all the members of Yellow Code Hospital have overcome difficulties and worked hard to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control resolutely, and built an indestructible defense line of health and safety for the people.In China’s biggest traditional Spring Festival, the most golden time, the team members still put the overall situation first, sacrifice the reunion with family, relatives and friends, to support the unforgettable “Yellow code hospital”.With concrete actions, the Second Affiliated Hospital has fulfilled its mission as a public hospital of the national team. Thanks to all the members!Thanks to each team member behind the family silently pay and understanding support.On behalf of all the members of the hospital team, the general staff of the hospital, to pay tribute to all the members and their families!I wish you all good health, happiness and success in your work in the New Year.”

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