Uncover the mystery of out-of-body shock!Hospital cameras caught an out-of-body experience

There are countless unsolved mysteries, many of which you may not have heard of before, such as out-of-body experiences.Xiaobian hope that scientists can explore and discover as soon as possible, these unsolved puzzles will be solved one by one, so that the truth will be released as soon as possible the mystery of the body.Are out-of-body experiences real?People often claim to experience an out-of-body experience — a phenomenon known as “star trek” — in which the soul floats outside the body and looks at its own shell from the outside.Scientists tracked down a woman who claimed to be able to have out-of-body experiences at will and performed a brain scan.And what they found was some pretty surprising facts.From the university of Ottawa AndraM. Smith and ClaudeMessierwere at the frontiers of human neurological (FrontiersofHumanNeuroscience) published an article.People often claim to have experienced an out-of-body experience, or OutofBody, which is when your soul is outside of your mind, outside of your body, and you can’t feel your body, but your mind is awake, you can think, you can feel, and you can even control your soul’s movements,Out-of-body is a research field of parapsychology. The relationship between soul and body is a basic issue that has long been debated in theology, philosophy and psychology.An out-of-body, or OutofBody, is when your soul is outside of your mind and she can see herself spinning in the air above her body, lying flat, or rolling on a flat surface.She claims she can sometimes see herself moving from above, but is also aware that her ‘real’ body is not actually moving.The woman did not mention any particular emotion associated with the experience.Can that happen?Is it true?The researchers came up with some remarkable imaginings, and those findings are exactly in line with the woman’s statement.When she was out of her body, her brain activity was as follows: MRI images showed “strong passivation of the visual cortex in several areas associated with kinesthetic imagery to the left of the activity,” including mental imagery of physical activity.This is the part of the brain that allows us to interact with the world.It gives you a sense of where you are.This is the first time such experiences have been scientifically analyzed and documented.Researchers know that out-of-body experiences can occur under traumatic brain injury, sensory deprivation, near-death experiences, dissociative and hallucinogenic drugs, dehydration, sleep, and electrical stimulation of the brain, as well as through human induction.But this woman is the first documented case of an out-of-body experience at any time, using her own willpower.The case of a woman who can do an out-of-body experience at any time through her own willpower is true in terms of out-of-body experiences.The brain scan confirmed her story.But that doesn’t mean her “soul” is actually gone.In terms of out-of-body experiences, she’s telling the truth this is not what the mystics would call star trek.There is no paranormal activity involved, and out-of-body experiences may ultimately be reduced to synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that was largely ignored in the mid-20th century.Synesthesia is an accepted, studied and understood phenomenon in which colors, numbers, and words unconsciously pop up in our minds when we read or listen to words.Scientists, however, argue that such experiments are incomplete and that out-of-body experiences are hallucinations triggered by neurological mechanisms.Others, like the woman in this experiment, deliberately train their dexterous mechanisms to achieve what they call out-of-body experiences.How do weird out-of-body experiences happen?The phenomenon of out-of-body experiences has sparked a heated debate online, asking whether there are real out-of-body experiences.If so, how do out-of-body experiences occur?Which is odd, because no matter what country, civilization, or language is used, there is an exact record of what the hell is going on.It not only exists in literary and artistic creation and historical jokes, but also in serious documentary records.

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