Ye County Market Supervision Bureau: spring school canteen food safety training meeting

In order to effectively strengthen the supervision of food safety in school canteens at all levels, effectively prevent and control the occurrence of food poisoning incidents, and effectively guarantee the food safety of teachers and students, ye County Market Supervision Bureau spring school canteen food safety training meeting was held in the conference room on the seventh floor of the bureau on the morning of February 14th.Ye County market supervision Bureau deputy director Wang Zhaomin, deputy director section zheng Red Sea, related units and the county more than 310 school canteens in charge attended.Ye county market supervision bureau deputy director Wang Zhaomin pointed out that the rise of temperature, the spring is prone to season food poisoning events, the children’s food security relationship, the school cafeteria should fully realize the importance of food safety, constant attention, strictly implement the school canteen main body responsibility, in accordance with the requirements of food safety seriously conduct self-check, solid food safety work,Ensure the bottom line of food safety.To focus on cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, the training of workers, health management, knowledge work, regularly to the employees for food safety and related laws and regulations training, and make full use of prepared food examination APP for training, assessment, requirements specification operation, pays special attention to the key point of risk control, food safety working rules in order to ensure that the county school.Zheng Honghai chaired the meeting.Catering food safety supervision unit comrade conveyed “on the launch of the 2022 spring school canteen food safety special inspection notice”, and the school canteen food safety knowledge training.Next, ye county market supervision bureau will continue to purchase inspection, processing production, clean tableware disinfection, food retention samples for inspection, food safety work for schools to carry out special law enforcement inspection, high frequency, large power violation behavior will be zero tolerance for existence, in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law seriously, take concrete actions to ensure the safety of ye county food.(Chen chengyu correspondent ma xiangshan xu wenpeng) editor: fang ziyang email: news hotline: 0371-6128 6289,18135779090

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