19 photos tell you why impoverished Nepal has the highest “happiness index”

Nepal is the poorest country in Asia, with more than 70 percent of the population living on less than $2 a day and an unemployment rate of more than 40 percent.But why are these countries often called the happiest?Nepal, even its capital, Kathmandu, has dusty roads, potholes, dirty rivers and traffic jams, but it boasts stunning natural beauty, majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountains and gorgeous religious temples everywhere.In Nepal’s capital, we see Tamil lively bars and lots of small houses, but that is only Tamil, that is just a luxurious corner of Kathmandu, these prosperous by high-spending tourists do not belong to Nepalis.Poor, lazy people, dilapidated, chaotic streets and a lack of electricity and water are the way Kathmandu should be.Kathmandu is known as the “temple city”, with more than 2,700 temples of all sizes in the city, hence the metaphor of “Nepal has more temples than houses”.Famous temples include Wooden Temple, Kumari Temple, monkey Temple, Paspatina Temple, Narayan Temple, etc.Bhatta Stupa is the largest round stupa in the world and a sacred place for Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.The bhatta Stupa has 147 recessed niches on its outer wall, which hold prayer wheels and 108 meditating Buddhas.We often encounter “sadhus” in Kathmandu, who are said to be divided into various sects based on their worship of gods, roughly divided into Shivites and Vaisnavites based on their striped patterns and clothing.A must-see in Kathmandu is the monkey Temple, which is actually called Swayambu, which literally means “self glow.”However, the origin of the name “Monkey Temple” is just because there were groups of monkeys in the history of the place, hence the name “Monkey Temple”, so the original name is soon forgotten by the world.The eyes of Nepal can be seen everywhere in Kathmandu. They are said to protect all living beings and are considered the holiest eyes in Nepal.The average nepalese worker earns 8,000 rupees a month, or less than 500 yuan at 16.5 yuan. A monthly wage of 1,500 yuan would put him in Nepal’s high-income bracket, such as the police.If the country has a high “happiness index”, this “happiness” comes from their deep-rooted belief, the material poverty does not prevent Nepalis from feeling the joy of life, the power of faith has always supported them.81% of Nepalis are Hindu, while the rest are 11% Buddhist and 4% Muslim.Nepalis are content to eat only two meals and drink three courses of tea a day, and keep their traditional way of life with simple and happy smiles. It is hard to see a sad Nepali.Their pace of life is slow and indolent, and the poor, whether in the city or the country, appear to be at ease with themselves.The most striking thing about nepalese dress is that few people, young and old, wear socks all the year round. Most people prefer to wear sandals or slippers barefoot, or even bare feet.Nepal has more than 300 festival, everyone in a year with nearly a third of the time to prepare for holidays and festivals, the festival is often the workers went on strike, the store is closed, all ready to holiday, they advocate and family together is the greatest happiness, so that Nepal is the happiest country is sensible,How do you like Nepal?

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