China Telecom Jiangxi Successfully completed the commencement meeting of major projects in the province

On the morning of February 16, Jiangxi province held a mobilization meeting for the commencement of major projects at the provincial level and county level in 2022. China Telecom Jiangxi Successfully completed the communication network and video conference guarantee tasks of the conference.After receiving the guarantee task of the conference, China Telecom Jiangxi Company immediately followed up the response, provincial and municipal linkage, arranged nanchang branch to set up a surprise guarantee team including 18 technical backbone, responsible for the communication network of the conference.For the smooth convening security conference, provincial and municipal departments a clear division of responsibilities, are closely linked, in the enterprise customer department coordination, the relevant support staff, for each venue, emergency network equipment installation, open the protection circuit, measured by video conference, etc., should be finished two days ahead of 73 outdoor venue, 45 indoor venue alignment work the video broadcast network, to ensure the province’s video conference.¬†China Telecom successfully completed the guarantee task of the conference with high-quality service and superb technology, and was highly recognized by the provincial and municipal governments, fully demonstrating the mission of the central enterprise.

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