February 13: the northeast rebound, the pig price was “up in the north and down in the south”, can rise?

After entering the year of the tiger, farmers are looking forward to prices “2”, thought that prices are “a fearful,” fortunately after the northeast prices contrarian rally yesterday, today again “bounce”, bring “a pleasure” to pig city in the north, large wave red, domestic pig, whole “north up south down” trend, after all, continue to “gone with the wind” green environment,Farmers are struggling, can stop the decline of reversal is also a blessing, many places are also started pork storage, to stabilize the pig price, then the question comes, pig prices rise can achieve?By last year’s pig price trend, generally speaking, it can be said from the year to the end of the year, although there is a “reversal” in the middle is also a sharp turn down, indicating that the market pig capacity supply in the rapid increase, according to the data released by the China Feed Industry Association, 2021 national industrial feed output of 293.443 million tons, an increase of 16.1% over the previous year,Among them, the output of pig feed was 130,765 million tons, up 46.6%, which can be seen from the side of last year’s large increase in the number of pigs, the market oversupply situation highlighted.Under the environment of “strong supply and weak demand”, since January this year, the pork price has been in a state of shock decline. Due to the bearish market, the breeding end actively markets pigs, sufficient supply, pig price decline, thus affecting the meat price.After the Spring Festival, farmers are also more bearish on the pig price after the Spring Festival. The terminal pork demand is relatively weak, coupled with the continuous decline of pig prices, the double factors led to the continuous decline of pork prices in February.Nowadays, domestic pigs are still in the “low”, aquaculture industry losses deepened, though some farmers to choose the price rised, superposition of domestic much conducted pork for purchasing plan, but because of pig production release, as well as the consumer market is relatively weak, superimposed nearby such as corn, soybean meal feed raw material price rises in price considerably, farmers more difficult situation,It can be said that “pressure on both sides”, on the one hand to cope with the continuous downward pressure of pig prices, on the other hand to bear the pressure of rising feed costs, only “cost reduction and efficiency” to better through the pig market “winter”, wish everyone can stick to the arrival of “spring”.Prices reverse these two days is like on the dress, because jinyi, defeat garrulous among them, the prices is sideways or many “there is no city”, and as the holiday after sales market recovery, support the weak, such as duckweed rising prices, the consumption of pork and live pig market under the weight of two aspects, tu companies began to protect themselves when stressed out in succession “flick knife cut price”, the domestic pig sudden downward price,Farmers face new problems, out of the column will bear obvious losses, but the pressure column is afraid to fall again how to do, so, the next pig price market?Due to excessive prices downward, as the northeast more prices in the “5”, “farmers market just flat-out deepening losses, farmers carry price grows mood, live pig market sentiment is abate, the difficulty of slaughtering enterprises procurement will also be spurt, which is beneficial to stable prices, restrictions on prices fall further, at the same time, along with the national pork for purchasing a new signal transmission and plan implementation,To form the support effect of a certain domestic pig city, for short-term prices have a positive effect, and always, the current prices have fallen sharply, investigate its root lies in the years after spending big, output and concentration of the dual role, but up in these two factors, under the stimulus of prices downward trend or will abate, quotation or brief signs of bottoming out,But there is still no basis for a big rise.According to the pig price monitoring system, in the 26 provinces and cities monitored today, the pig price is up 9, down 9, rising areas accounted for 35% of all monitored, pig market as a whole in the “north up and south down” situation.(Source:Pig price system) overall, today’s pig market and yesterday compared to the differentiation phenomenon, the southern pig market is still the same, and the northern pig price market in the northeast red led, ushered in an upswing, at the same time, the state will depend on the situation of pork storage, local sichuan province and Hubei province has been clear to carry out pork storage plan,At the same time, Ningxia also said it would carry out a temporary pork purchase and storage plan and other benefits, or make the recent pig price decline further narrow, local more short-term reversal of the rise is possible.According to the wholesale price of white pig in big consumption cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the price of white pig in wholesale markets of Beijing and Shanghai is stable and rising, while the price of white pig in Beijing market remains stable, and the enthusiasm of market transaction is poor.The average transaction price in Shanghai market increased, the average transaction price in the market increased 0.60 yuan/kg, and the market transaction enthusiasm was poor. The arrival quantity of white pigs in the wholesale market still showed oversupply, many markets showed price without market, and there was a relatively obvious surplus phenomenon in the market, and the market price was obviously suppressed.According to difficulty of slaughtering enterprises procurement, slaughtering enterprises purchasing difficulty increases in north China, northeast slaughtering enterprises appear a certain rise phenomenon, slaughtering enterprises weakened prices fall, the other area of northern south slaughtering enterprises prices decline phenomenon continued to perform obviously, but some slaughtering enterprises showed certain wait-and-see phenomenon,Market prices continue to exhibit some volatility.Tomorrow’s pig price trend: under the influence of multiple pig market factors, it is expected that tomorrow’s pig price will show a “narrow range adjustment” trend, and there is still a chance for local rebound.The above pig market interpretation, for your reference, welcome to exchange views on the pig market, grasp the market dynamics, we will not only raise pigs, but also sell pigs, because pigs are apprentices, will sell pigs is the master.

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