Finally I know which window Gu Ailing was closed!Ha ha ha ha

Chinese Valentine’s Day is over. Here’s a little premature advice for you.Don t laugh at each other, each has its own way to survive.Thank you, Bernard Shaw, too.Dwen Dwen challenge 4A again and again brought us joy but only pain this is Dwen Dwen’s first challenge 4A: Bear flip on its back This is his second challenge 4A: Bear flip on its back Smile smile, you know smile.Did you see Ice’s head get smashed?No, you only care about yourself no, I also care about this arithmetic problem borrowed uncle 500 on the gift after going home wechat transfer uncle 500 excuse me: what problem does this have?Why don’t I even fit a punctuation mark?A man broke into a house and shaved his cat’s head before leaving, according to a street agent.So which window did God close for her?Recently, some netizens found a video of Gu Ailing dancing ballet when she was young.Gu Ailing: Swans are drunk.Ha ha ha ha ha, although jump in general, or it’s lovely congratulations again love ling two gold and life ~ every word games E. package small intestine explanation: network buzzwords, has been applied in social death scene reference: cartoon “spongebob squarepants” octopus line, by netizens was used as the video after the narrator in the second creation.Sentence: Ah ~ life is so impermanent……Finally, one question: What is this for sale?Production: Xiao Gang school review: Zhou Jinchun, emoticons: Shi Bingbing

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