Full of flavor!More than 600 cultural tourism activities in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival are waiting to be unlocked

Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Information Office held a press conference on market supply and guarantee during the Spring Festival on The morning of January 25, 2022.The press learned from the meeting that according to incomplete statistics, guangzhou urban cultural and tourism departments and related cultural and tourism enterprises, on the basis of strictly implementing the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, launched more than 600 cultural and tourism activities during the Spring Festival to celebrate the Spring Festival with citizens and tourists.”During the Spring Festival, citizens and tourists can go to the blocks and scenic spots they most want to go, post their first photo of the New Year, publish the ‘Sun New Blessing card’, and write down a line of wishes to relatives and friends and the outlook for the New Year.”The guangzhou tourism administration of radio, film and television culture level researcher hong-bing zhu is introduced, the bureau recently launched “360 – degree at guangzhou” online promotional activities, all-round, multi-dimensional huacheng attractions for tourists to the general public, for the New Year starting from the “heart”, say your “place” wonderful clock in online activities, initiate new blessing “sun” relay.Guangzhou Library has carried out online microblog book giveaways and short video publicity series of “40 People in 40 Years of Guangtu”.Lingnan Impression Garden offers temple fair, god of Wealth tour, water lion dance, puppet show, retro flash dance and other activities.A series of cultural activities, such as New Year’s Eve performance, water show and intangible heritage work experience, will be held in The Area.Zhengjia Square, Zhengjia Natural Science Museum and Zhengjia Polar Ocean World will hold various themed activities during the Spring Festival, such as “Zhengjia Planet’s New Jubilee Talent Show”, “Museum dinosaur accompany you to recreate the Flavor of Guangfu New Year”, “See rich fish, Make a Fortune this year”, etc.Baomo Garden will launch the 2022 Baomo Garden Spring Festival series of folk culture activities.During the Spring Festival, various themed exhibitions and experience activities will be held in various cultural and exhibition venues of the city.Guangdong Provincial Museum held the “Guangdong Mountain, Beautiful Water, Rich things and Lingnan — Guangdong Natural Resources Exhibition”, Guangdong Folk Arts and Crafts Museum launched the “Study of Wood-block New Year Paintings” activity, guangdong Museum of Art exhibited “Beauty in Guangdong — Guangdong Art Museum of China and Guangdong Art Museum Collection of Cantonese artists exhibition”.”Red Bay Area — The Communist Party of China in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao” special exhibition in Guangzhou Uprising Memorial Hall;Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangdong Friendship Theatre and Guangzhou Zhengjia Grand Theatre will also hold various performances of instrumental music, traditional Chinese opera, drama and opera to add a rich cultural atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, cultural and tourism activities in various districts are also abundant.Zhu Hongbing introduced, for example, yuexiu District cultural center held the “Big New Year” guangfu art masters invitational exhibition, on display famous Chinese painting and calligraphy works of about 90;Ten Xiangyuan Memorial hall held “Master artists-Zhao Shaoang Art Literature Exhibition”;Zengcheng District Cultural Center will hold the 2022 Zengcheng District Intangible cultural Heritage Exhibition;Yung-ching Square held “in the fourth edition of publications exhibition guangzhou field” exhibition;Shawan ancient Town held a series of traditional Spring Festival folk cultural activities, such as “holding silver”, “lion dance” and “shooting the god of wealth”.Focusing on the three themes of “Understanding Red Guangzhou”, “Understanding Millennium Guangzhou” and “Understanding Business Guangzhou”, Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau plans to launch the first phase of 30 “Understanding Guangzhou” series of cultural tourism boutique routes.These two days, the first batch of travel consumption new scene list will be released.Hong-bing zhu, according to “closely around ‘eat, live, travel, tour, shopping, entertainment’ brigade spending six elements, covering couples leisure punch points, exercise park, see flower appreciation, walk the baby a good place for international food tasting, cantonese rhyme culture, shop, guangdong food shop, unique architecture, natural life experience points, art experience space, such as top ten themes, a total of 100 visit to point of consumption,Citizen tourists’ holiday choices will be more personalized.”◆ Highlight five:Enterprises preferential enlarge recruit launch ticket discount initiatives chime-long tourist resort, white swan hotel to carry out the “leisure tour” favourable activity, China hotel launched “charm and romantic of yue yue and courtesy” favourable activity, shimen national forest park adult eighty percent discount during the Spring Festival, guangzhou nansha garden hotel launched savor the nansha housing package 85 discount,Guangzhou Friendship Gold Store launched the “Joy of Spring” Guangzhou Friendship Spring Festival reward activity, zhengjia Polar Ocean World launched the exclusive preferential activity of Tiger Xiao.Zhu hongbing said that in Guangzhou, people will have a peaceful and unforgettable Spring Festival, and further release guangzhou’s holiday economy during the Spring Festival.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Zhang Danyang, Xu Xiaofang/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Wang Yan video/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Wang Yan Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Peng Wenqiang

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