“Hunan first female corrupt official” Jiang Yanping fall

On July 24, 2001, a woman who was called “the first woman in Hunan province” was sentenced in changsha Intermediate People’s Court. With the hammer of the judge’s hand, she heard the most frightening word — death penalty.This woman with short hair and beautiful face, named Jiang Yanping, many people would not have thought that she was “the first female corrupt official in Hunan”.Figure | yan-ping jiang she had subtle: “a woman to play is play a rich man, but must play to their valuable man!”It took Jiang Yanping only 13 years to become a deputy department-level cadre from a farmer with a junior high school education.And her best tool, her greatest reliance, was her mesmerizing beauty.Relying on her youthful beauty and seductive words, Jiang Yanping took to the officialdom like a duck to water. In just a few years, she pocked more than 10 million yuan in stolen money.In more than 10 years, jiang Yanping “play” over the men, no less than 40, she also rely on these men all the way up the ladder.However, to treat people with sex, when can be good?In the end, due to her own actions and endless greed, Jiang Yanping will pay a huge price for her mistakes.What awaits her is the trial and punishment of the law.On June 16, 1958, a baby girl was born in Chaling County, Hunan Province. Her family named her Jiang Yanping.Like most children in the village, Jiang Yanping had a poor childhood, and the lack of materials made life difficult for rural people.In such difficult conditions, not many families can afford their children’s tuition, and most choose to send their boys to school.So, when Jiang Yanping just finished junior high school, her family sent her to work.Among all the peers who work together, Jiang Yanping is easy to see because she is one of the most beautiful.Although the level of education is not high, did not receive higher education, but God gave Jiang Yanping a good face.Apart from this face, Jiang Yanping has another ability, that is the gift of gab, she is very demagogic.Therefore, Jiang Yanping is loved wherever she goes. When other young women are working hard, she has put the abacus on the commune leaders.That year, Jiang Yanping was 17 years old. It was just a blooming flower. What she did most diligently was to run to the commune leaders every day.Still a minor jiang Yanping, but has such an idea: want to leave here, you must “stick” those men for the official.So, she voluntarily submitted to this older man, 31 years her senior, even bolder.Under the arrangement of the commune leaders, Jiang Yanping was recruited into a factory in Xiangtan the following year and became a worker with the educated youth of her peers.However, with the first one-time bribery to Jiang Yanping after the sweetener, how can she meet only when a worker?One day in 1978, a group of workers in the factory gathered together and were discussing something noisily. Jiang Yanping, who loved to join in the fun, walked over immediately.It turned out that an important leader would soon be sent to inspect the work, and everyone was discussing who would be sent to receive this “distinguished guest”.Jiang Yanping’s mind across an idea: if they can climb up the big leader’s high branch, that is not the sparrow flying on the branch to become a phoenix?At once she volunteered, “I’ll go!I go to!”Looking at jiang Yanping so beautiful and moving, we also feel that she is the right candidate for the reception of the leadership, let Jiang Yanping go.That day, Jiang Yanping put on her most beautiful clothes, dressed herself up, and appeared in front of the leadership, and frequently flaunting herself to attract the attention of the leadership.She constantly in front of the leadership courting, busy, from people in front of people to people behind, left a deep impression on the leadership.In order to climb up the tree, Jiang Yanping used all her skills, always secretly intentionally or unintentionally revealed their graceful figure.And, when the leadership is sick, she also personally take the heat preservation bucket filled with porridge to the hospital visit, in the ward to feed porridge to the leadership.The leadership is also wise to open the side of all the people, and know jiang Yanping three months in the hospital bed.With the leadership of the relationship, Jiang Yanping was also successfully transferred to Changsha, when the warehouse administrator in the Bibo shopping mall, salary is still very easy to work at the same time.Jiang Yanping, who tasted the sweetness of the right to seek sex twice, of course, wants to repeat the same trick and use her beauty to climb up.Each time, she met someone more powerful and moved her up a notch.To the bibo shopping mall, Jiang Yanping again used his “honey trap”, let the provincial construction of six companies in charge of a deputy director of the authorities at their feet.In this way, jiang Yanping, 25, was promoted again, just relying on their own “beauty”, when the manager of bibo shopping mall.Men to help her apply for funds from above, she herself is through beauty to win over people, in the means of Jiang Yanping, the mall got a large number of public funds for procurement, performance rose.As a manager, Jiang Yanping also got the capital for promotion. In 1990, she was promoted to the manager of the labor Service Company of the Sixth Provincial Construction Company.Through her own beauty, Jiang Yanping successfully climbed up and got the rights she wanted, so she felt smug and even summed up her own set of “life maxims” : “Men can play women without speaking of grades, women can play men without speaking of grades.In a male-dominated society, only those who know how to make full use of the value of men can be considered truly smart women.”It is because of her “life motto”, The former deputy director of the Planning Commission of Hunan Province Chen mou, as well as the former director of the Hunan Post and Telecommunications Administration Zhang Mou, were dragged down by her, successfully.The provincial post and telecommunications system, a target of nearly 600 million yuan of huge projects, were all won by Jiang Yanping.Through ceaseless power and sex trade, in just a few years time, Jiang Yanping collected tens of millions of yuan from it, but her desire is always a bottomless pit.Chen Rongjie, who reported Jiang Yanping for many times, said that jiang Yanping’s behavior naturally aroused the dissatisfaction of the workers below, and it was not that no one had reported her, and one of the old people spent ten years in order to report her.Slowly, Jiang Yanping became more rampant, even the family corruption that set.Relying on beauty and money, Jiang Yanping climbed up step by step, and her family and relatives have taken refuge in Jiang Yanping, joined her “Jiang Family gang”.When she broke the law herself, she also pulled her relatives and friends to do bad things together, which finally hurt them and made them also receive legal judgment.Take Jiang Yanping’s brother Jiang Shaowen for example, he was changsha City Furong District industrial and commercial bureau administrative section deputy chief, life is very good.In March 1999, Jiang Yanping asked her brother to help her keep a password box full of stolen money.Jiang Shaowen knew that the money was stolen, but still to help her sister take good care of it, but also to help Jiang Yanping for deposits, withdrawals.In July 5, jiang Yanping was double rules, he also transferred the password box to his wife’s uncle.After the investigation, Jiang shaowen was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for hiding and transferring stolen goods, which brought his life to an abrupt end.Not only her brother, her sister Jiang Lanping and her mother were also implicated.What Jiang Yanping is best at is using her beauty to approach various senior officials, and then cheating their trust, and finally reaching a deal through sexual bribery.She takes beauty as her own survival capital, to constantly achieve their goals.In this process, Jiang Yanping’s heart was constantly corroded, long forgotten when the Communist Party of China made the oath.She is very understanding of the people, the most will see through those who are powerful and weak, and take advantage of the situation, let the other party drunk in his gentle village.It is because of such skills, Jiang Yanping can deal with the various officials, in order to call the wind and rain in the whole officialdom.Others please not to come, for Jiang Yanping is uninvited, uninvited;Others place uneven things, as long as she Jiang Yanping a horse, it must be ma To success.Even when Jiang Yanping was locked up in the detention center, she tried to repeat her usual tricks.Detention center “avatar” arrested, Jiang Yanping was locked in changsha Dongxiang Changqiao detention center.At this time jiang Yanping, no longer the arrogance of the time, at this moment she is just a prisoner waiting for execution.She had a huge network of people who wanted to rescue her and interceded with her, but the law didn’t let her off the hook so easily.In order to prevent someone to jiang Yanping tipped off, she was transferred to the Hanshou County detention center.Jiang Yanping was at a loss, a friend came to visit Jiang Yanping advice, let her have the hope of life.The solution is to get pregnant in prison.In accordance with the law, the execution of pregnant prisoners on death row is suspended.This is the only way, Jiang Yanping cheer up, if they really can buy time through pregnancy, maybe her friends who are dignitaries can overturn the case for her.But how do you get pregnant?Jiang Yanping will look at the detention center of the police.She was no longer depressed, but full of energy.When she saw herself in the mirror, she was no longer as beautiful as she had been at middle age, but she looked younger because of the delicate care she had taken.Jiang Yanping began to face the police every day with a smiling face, take the initiative to talk to them, understand the police’s family situation and life, to find targets.Eventually, Jiang Yanping locked the target in the detention house deputy director – wan Jiang body.Wan Jiang was about 40 years old at that time, is a strong man, after seeing the arrest of the poor Jiang Yanping, he moved a heart of compassion.Under the initiative of Jiang Yanping offensive, two people soon ambiguous up, Wan Jiang also to Jiang Yanping the prisoner is particularly concerned, often chat with her, give her extra attention.One day, she bribed another police officer surnamed Liang and asked him to help buy alcohol and cigarettes, as well as some fruit snacks.While Wanjiang on duty, Jiang Yanping called him over.Looking at the table rich alcohol and tobacco, Wan Jiang envy jiang Yanping’s life, he knew that the prisoner was rich, these alcohol and tobacco he just saw, did not taste.In two people continue to talk, very soon in the Wan Jiang Yanping’s “honey trap”.But he had to wait until Zhou Lihong, the director of the detention center, was gone, when he returned to the county every Saturday.In this way, every Saturday, Jiang Yanping will come to wanjiang’s room.The story soon spread to Zhou Lihong, who had been transferred there because of lifestyle problems and could not tolerate such problems.So, he caught them in bed, and asked them to write a review, or report to the county public security bureau.Wanjiang immediately knelt down to admit, but Jiang Yanping still want to try to use money and beauty to confuse the week.However, Zhou Lihong in the face of Jiang Yanping’s seduce was unmoved, he did not eat this set, jiang Yanping out.Eventually, the story reached the top, and Wan was dismissed and sentenced to seven years in prison, while Zhou lihong was removed from his post for lack of supervision despite not having sex with Jiang yanping.After her belated confession, Jiang yanping was transferred to an island in the South China Sea, where she was held and her contact with the outside world was cut off.Jiang Yanping’s scheme was successful, she was pregnant, but even if she was pregnant, her death sentence was only suspended, will not be cancelled.Jiang Yanping, who has no hope of turning over, finally shed tears and confessed, but the confession at this time has no meaning.She finally confessed to the law in the court, willing to accept the law of her all the trial: “in the 20 months of prison life, I often feel sad for their own crimes, their original is very pure, because they did not grasp, infected with the color should not have.”By money and color pile up and become the right building collapsed, Jiang Yanping must face her due punishment eventually.On March 29, 2002, the High People’s Court of Hunan Province made a ruling of the second instance in jiang Yanping’s case, still maintaining the original death sentence.In February 2003, Jiang Yanping was sentenced to a suspended death sentence by the Supreme People’s Court.Jiang Yanping finally tasted the bitter fruit of what she did.Sex and money, the things she was most proud of, eventually ruined her life.Jingdezhen Nanhe public security: “Three Hunan first female huge greedy” : color pour more than 40 leaders said only to play a class of men “2.China News Network: “Hunan’s biggest female corrupt official Jiang Yanping case upheld the original death sentence (photo)”

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