Official assembly!CBA’s first 4 foreign aid team was born, Qin Xiaowen started to burn money mode

Lin and Gibson are joined by Brown and Hamilton, which means the CBA’s first foreign aid team was born.Built for Qin Xiaowen thinking, in fact, since Fan Ziming and Li Muhao, up to tens of millions of investment, is must be out of the performance goal, only in the past two seasons, by the guangdong tigers, Beijing distance CBA championship, the grade of the players, apparently was not enough to match the guangdong, liaoning.Around foreign aid as the main object of aid, this is a very realistic level.It is understood that Jeremy drastically cuts, Gibson and brown operation, increase the rate of high fault tolerance, and the team in the second stage, demand for defence, obviously near the point of supply exceeds demand, and inside of the injury, there are a lot of uncertain factors, management and coaching staff in Beijing, again with Hamilton in hand,Is an important part of the impact of CBA championship.From the input level, Beijing Shougang zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo are Max salary Mr., while Fan Ziming, Li Muhao spend a lot of money to import inside players, coupled with foreign aid investment, it is not an exaggeration to say that the CBA league clubs absolutely reach the top three standards.In this regard, the performance pressure of the management and coaching staff is very great, even involving the cooperation of Yanis, the team has been spending a lot of money, but the performance of the team has been unable to meet expectations, whether it is necessary to renew yanis’s contract is a very sensitive part to some extent.Many fans attention to Beijing shougang regardless of the cost of investment, but a return to the level of professional sports, and if the team only define the target in the playoffs, or the last eight, completely is not necessary to spend heavily on foreign aid, signing a four-year deal or mean Li Muhao veteran, this in a golden age to go to reach the state of the training Qin Xiaowen mode of burning money,The new season may need to come up with more results to prove their team building ideas, in line with the future planning of Beijing Shougang.

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