“Poems and books to fight the epidemic” Liangyuan Cifu to salute angels in white Spring Festival couplets held in shangqiu First People’s Hospital

On January 26, 2022, at 10:00 am, poetry and Calligraphy to fight epidemic — Liangyuan Ci fu to pay tribute to angels in white Spring Festival couplets were presented at the Outpatient Department of The First People’s Hospital of Shangqiu.Shangqiu CPPCC standing committee, shangqiu ci association consultant, a famous painter Shangqiu first people’s hospital trade union chairman, Mr Zhang Xingen yu-ling zhang lady, shangqiu ci association, famous poet jukun good Sir, shangqiu ci association executive vice President, contemporary calligraphy ink metaphysical open inneglectable, famous kind teacher ink xuan son,Mr. Ren Guangbin, president of Hanliang Calligraphy and Painting Academy and famous painter, Ms. Li Qingxian, vice president of Shangqiu Cifu Association and other leaders and artist representatives attended the activity.On behalf of shangqiu First People’s Hospital, zhang Yuling, president of the trade union, gave a welcome speech and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the artists who came to present the Spring Festival couplets.To shangqiu ci fu association, Han Liang Calligraphy and Painting academy, Liang Yuan Ci fu society joint donation of Spring Festival couplets expressed high praise and affirmation.And to the artists in the elegant art form of poetry and books, through the carrier of Spring Festival couplets to convey the good wishes of angels in white, give full recognition and thanks.She said: “thank you cifu association organization of this public welfare activities and this great anti-epidemic behavior, art transfer spirit, art eulogize greatness.”Moxuanzi, standing president of Shangqiu Cifu Association, said: “Today, we come to shangqiu First People’s Hospital to send Spring Festival couplets to the most sacred angel in white in people’s hearts. We feel very honored!I am also very grateful to the leaders of the college for their attention and careful arrangement of our Spring Festival couplets.Angels in white fighting in the front line of anti-epidemic, is a banner of spiritual civilization of Shangqiu city, but also a model for our artists to learn!In the epidemic haze haze shangqiu, in the position of no smoke, every day with the disease zero distance confrontation.You guard the country, guard the security of the li people, your work is very sacred.The Spring Festival couplets presented this time are all created by Chinese poets, calligraphers and calligraphers.Its contents are rich in shangqiu regional cultural characteristics, we in a special way to you these in the front line of the anti-epidemic angels in white, may our Spring Festival couplets can convey a warm spring.Believe that winter is spring!Liangyuan Cifu celebrates the Spring Festival with you, spending a special and warm and peaceful Spring Festival, and sharing the beautiful future of “300 li Liangyuan” spring flowers!Mr. Zhang Xingen, member of the Standing Committee of shangqiu CPPCC and consultant of Shangqiu Cifu Association, announced the beginning of the gifting activity.Mr. Li Zhengguang, vice president of Shangqiu Cifu Artists Association, Mr. Wang Yimin, deputy secretary general of Shangqiu Cifu Artists Association, and Mr. Xu Jingdong, deputy secretary general of Shangqiu Cifu Artists Association participated in the activity as artists’ representatives.

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