Story: Carpenter went to a brothel to repair a bed, accidentally ran into a beautiful wife, wife: Husband I have no

In the first year of Hongdao, there was a carpenter named Zhai Yong in Jianning County.Zhai Yong from childhood martial arts, with wuyi Mountain monks practice for eight years, after the mountain opened a biaoju to make a living.He had been escorting goods for merchants for years and had earned a considerable fortune.Can its mother Sun shi is aged, can not bear Zhai Yong one person alone outside, want to recall its Xia Yang county.Zhai Yong this person although there is no culture, but very loyal filial piety, he entrusted the biaoju friends, then returned to Xia Yang County to take care of his mother.Zhai Yong’s father was an old carpenter when he was alive, he watched his father work since childhood, he also learned some skills.Now Zhai Yong is idle at home, he opened a carpenter’s shop to feed the mother and son.One day, an official of the neighboring village asked Zhai Yong to make a wooden bed.This Zhai Yong is singing on the mountain road, but suddenly saw a thief is robbing.He used to be fond of chivalrous acts of justice, and when he took up a live axe, he struck at random.He cut them to the ground after only a dozen faces.But zhai Yong came one step late, the caravan of rich businessmen and a few names were killed by bandits, only a girl sobbing in the side.Zhai Yong tied up the bandit, with the girl went to the county government.County magistrate heard things after, very appreciate to look at Zhai Yong, awarded him two hundred two silver to show reward.One side of the girl claimed to be named Lanling, she followed her father to do business here, did not expect his father was killed by bandits, now a lonely.County magistrate see this LAN Ling like flowers, Zhai Yong handsome and unconstrained, two people are simply a beauty.He simply became a matchmaker, LAN Ling betrowed zhai Yong, and rewarded them with three hundred tael of silver.Lanling and Zhai Yong thank the magistrate, lanling father and servant’s body settled, and built a new house to get married.Zhai Yong’s friends in the majority, the wedding day lively.Two people worship heaven and earth that day, this Zhai Yong height eight feet thick eyebrows big eyes, very handsome;Lanling qingli refined bright eyes bright teeth, like a fairy below the earth.Guests have lamented that the pair was destined for each other.The party lasted until midnight, Zhai Yong and LAN Ling put out the lights all night without words.Since then, Zhai Yong and Lanling love add, the whole village is very envy.Although this LAN Ling is a rich young lady, she does her work without any affectation.Zhai Yong went out to work every day, Lanling is at home with her mother-in-law spinning, a family of three thriving.One day, Zhai Yong does work from outside return, met zhang Erlang of good friend in village.This zhang Erlang insisted on asking Zhai Yong to eat, Zhai Yong not refuse, had to nod and agree.Zhang Erlang ordered a table full of spinach, lettuce, garlic sprouts and leeks.Zhai Yong did not understand and asked: “A table is vegetarian, but jerlang is going to become a monk?”Zhang Erlang felt embarrassed and said, “Brother Zhai, I went to yihongyuan a few days ago to drink flower wine. Unexpectedly, I bumped into my good friend’s wife. What do you think this should do?”Zhai Yong while eating leek, said: “Why don’t you tell your friends, this kind of woman don’t worth it.”Zhai Yong thought about it and said, “If you are embarrassed, you will find a way to hint at him.”Zhang Erlang sighed and said: “Forget it brother Zhai, we drink.”After dinner two people go home respectively, Zhai Yong but on the road met the procuress yihongyuan.”Master Zhai,” said the madam, “I was looking for you. I wonder if you have time to fix me a broken bed.”Zhai Yong way: “free free, I go home to take iron tools.”Procuress way: “iron implements we all have here, be no one can use.”Words finish, the procuress took Zhai Yong to yihongyuan.Zhai Yong just went in, immediately heard a burst of flirtatious laughter.This Zhai Yong although on the road mixed for many years, but to whoring this matter is very repugnant.The procuress led Zhai Yong into a room, pushed the door but saw two people are making love.Zhai Yong immediately glared at the woman turned out to be his wife Lanling.Seeing the bearer, Lanling got dressed in a panic.Zhai Yong pulled Lanling to walk outside, the madam followed closely behind him, while twisting the waist while Shouting: “Master Zhai, I here are good girls!You mustn’t make a scene!”Originally, Lanling often welcome guests in yihongyuan, village everyone already know, but Zhai Yong still do not know.Some men who covet the beauty of LAN Ling are even willing to spend a lot of money to find her pleasure in yihongyuan.See things exposed today, the villagers also follow Zhai Yong walked, waiting to see how he picked up Lanling.But when Zhai Yong returned home with Lanling, a kick open the door but stunned.He saw his wife picking vegetables with her mother.Zhai Yong surprised: “so, I really want to lose my head.”Zhai Yong pulled home lanling, fu on Zhai Yong cried: “Xianggong, she is a female devil.It was she who brought me to the Court-de-sacre, and made me suffer so much that you must save me.”LAN Ling in the courtyard froze for a moment and then began to cry: “Xianggong saved me. The magistrate betrothed me to Xianggong.And now there’s a she-devil.If my husband doesn’t want me, I will kill myself.”Watching the villagers immediately blood surging, Zhai Yong looked at these two female appearance is exactly the same, for a time was not clear who is who.Zhai Mu-Sun stood up slowly and said, “I have an idea. My daughter-in-law LAN Ling has a red mole in her right palm. Both of you hold out your right hand and let everyone have a look.Two Lanling will stretch out his right hand, Zhai Yong side lanling right hand but there is a red mole, and another Lanling hand is empty.Zhai Mu Sun’s clear smile, to Zhai Yong made a look.Zhai Yong threw three darts from the sleeve, hit the woman next to him.Zhai Yong quickly ran away, saw a mass of black smoke immediately rise.As they approached, they saw a fox lying on the ground. Three darts had been thrown straight into his throat, and the fox was dead.Zhai Yong walked over and said to his mother, “Niang, how do you know she is not LAN Ling?”The old lady said slowly, “I spend all day with LAN Ling. She brings me food and tea all day. I know her hands very well.I said she had a mole on her palm, just to fool the little fox, she can change into a human form, naturally can also cast magic to change a red mole.But look at our lanling’s hand, there is no flaw in it.”With that, the old lady raised Lanling’s right hand, and the village was full of praise for her wit.To prevent further trouble, the villagers set fire to the body.This not only scared off the rest of the fuchsbau, but also pulled lanling’s reputation back.From then on, Zhai Yong and LAN Ling is more love add, 2 people symbiosis next 5 children 5 female, Zhai home mending prosperity rich.The men who had sex with the fuchsbau died soon after.Yihongyuan’s business also plummeted until it finally closed.Since then, xiayang county folk customs on the good up.They thought LAN Ling betrayed Zhai Yong, but did not expect this is fox demon into her appearance to seduce men.Fortunately, zhai’s mother Sun was very wise and came up with a way to draw out the fox.As for the men who fall in love with the fuchsbau and end up dead for the sake of a moment’s pleasure, that is nothing but self-inflicted.

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