Tottenham have confirmed the shirt numbers of two new signings: Krusevski 21 and Bentancur 30

The London Evening Standard reports that two of tottenham’s new signings for the winter window have been confirmed.Kucusevski will wear the number 21 and Bentancur the number 30.It also means that tottenham, who left their shirt numbers at the winter window, are likely to wait until the summer window for a new owner.Standard of London evening standard reported screenshots spurs the winter transfer window lasted for 24 hours past levy last crazy style, in the last 24 hours, the spurs finally hammered out the library Lou rousseff and Kurt to come with this, at the same time on loan away los self, Mr Lai and east hill, and ali left in the form of zero fee.Conte’s hoped-for shake-up has at last started in midfield, although buy-out and buy-out remain a source of discontent for Spurs fans.According to the agreement, Kucusevski will have to pay 10 million euros for his 18-month loan, which will be paid in two installments.And then depending on the performance of the player, there is a buyout clause, the buyout fee is 35 million euros, but this money is also only paid over five years.Bentangul is 16 million +9 million rider, also over three years.The London Evening Standard can reveal that both players’ tottenham shirt numbers have been confirmed, with Krusevski wearing the number 21 following fazio and Foith.Bentancourt chose the same number he had at Juventus: 30, previously owned by Tenham hotspur’s gerdsson on loan.No. 18 for Los Selso, No. 20 for Ali, No. 11 for Hill, and No. 28 for Ndong Bele are still vacant, awaiting new owners.Of the three who have left on loan, Ndonbele is the player most likely to return to Spurs in the summer as Lyon are unlikely to trigger a €65m buyout clause.

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