Under 9.9 yuan rongguang new card purchase free 3500

Langfang Shibo Wuling Baojun 4S Shop has a perfect service system, in the service process has always taken “customer first” as the basic point, its “seiko quality, hard service” has been widely recognized by the community.Wuling RongGuangXin card (parameters) | | inquiry under 9.9 yuan, 1000 yuan to enjoy car fund purchases gift: enjoy a car fund worth $1000 wuling RongGuangXin book card under the double rear wheels 9.9 yuan, 3500 yuan to enjoy shopping gift bag replacement gift: enjoy a high replacement subsidies 2000 yuan (no brand) financial gift:18 0 interest, low down payment, long loan for 5 years welcome to Langfang Junbao 4S shop to buy, enjoy the highest discount, buy gratis car

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