Xi ‘an has been busy with epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

Today is the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. Many tourists choose to travel with their families. All major scenic spots in Xi ‘an have strictly implemented the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety and security of tourists.During the 2022 Spring Festival, datang Furong Garden strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and conducted regular disinfection before opening, after closing and during daily welcoming.During the activity, datang Furong Garden strictly in accordance with the principle of limited quantity, reservation, staggered peak, the implementation of network real-name system time segment purchase tickets, tourists can choose according to their own sightseeing needs.The tourist reception capacity of the scenic spot is 75% of the maximum tourist load. When the daily tourist reception exceeds the maximum carrying capacity, the scenic spot will stop selling tickets.At the same time, the number of people watching indoor dramas is 50% of the load, and they are seated apart.Datang Never Sleeps City strictly implemented the guidelines on Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for The Resumption of Opening of Tourist Attractions, and opened in a limited and orderly manner.The big data of the security command center dynamically monitors the flow of people in the block. When the accumulated flow of people in the block is too large throughout the day, the command center will use the broadcast to control the flow of people in the block. At present, the single circular measures are started at 3 p.m. every day in the block.At the same time, the block show will be changed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, and from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.At the same time, set up soft isolation in the performance area, orderly guide, keep spacing, remind visitors to wear masks.Although the scenery is beautiful, please do not forget to do a good job in the prevention of the epidemic.Do not gather, do not cluster, safe and auspicious Chinese year.

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