Xiong Lei to Du Xinzhi to buy ten thousand yuan of fur, when her mother filial piety, xu Min did not have this treatment

It will be the New Year soon, no matter what kind of troubles the family has in this year, the place that is not suitable will forget, finish this year first.The two families involved in the 28 incident ushered in a real reunion this year, Xu Min and his wife came to Yao Wei’s home for the Spring Festival, and Du Xinzhi and his wife were also received by Xiong Lei at home for the Spring Festival.Although both sides have been on the Internet constantly appeal, do not want to be disturbed by the ordinary life.But when families get together, they can’t help but share their joy.So videos of their recent reunion can be seen on both sides’ video accounts.Xiong Lei gave Du Xinzhi and his wife new clothes for the New Year.Du Xinzhi’s fur also attracted everyone’s attention, because this set of fur is not cheap at a glance.According to the official price, the fur is worth 15,000 yuan.Of course, fur has never been cheap, and $10,000 for fur doesn’t seem too much of an exaggeration.But the thought of thinking about this year Xiong Lei so filial Du Xinzhi, can not help but let a person sigh before.Xiong Lei had never been so filial to Xu Min when she was her daughter-in-law.Are mother-in-law, why can du Xinzhi enjoy such treatment?Xiong lei regarded Du xinzhi as his own mother, so he bought her such a beautiful and expensive dress.See the fur on the body, Du Xinzhi filled with a happy smile, have to say that this fur is really good-looking.Wear in Du Xinzhi’s body, let her appear more young.As expected in a good mood, the whole person on the fly up.But the more so actually feel very incredible, after all, has not experienced 28 events before, Xiong Lei can be xu Min’s good daughter-in-law, this Yao’s parents yao Wei is also good.But also did not see Xu Min said, or Xiong Lei said that the Festival to her mother-in-law to send a good gift.Results in the realization of Du Xinzhi, Xiong Lei immediately filial rise.Is Xiong Lei explaining that Xu Min was not good to her before?Or because now has the fame, has the money to be able to afford, still can shoot to net friend see.Whatever the purpose, this is filial piety, worthy of praise and praise.Xiong Lei side is very filial, and the other side of Tian Jing will not be bad.Let her husband Yao Wei take their son and daughter to the supermarket to prepare food for the two old people.When the seniors arrive the next day, prepare a big, delicious meal and a warm meal for them, as well as gifts.Now look at both sides of the family become more and more harmonious, also sincerely wish them in the New Year can be smooth, then what do you want to say?

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