A boy came home from Guangdong province. The dog was so happy to see him upstairs that he ran downstairs and pounded his master

A few days ago, netizens from Shaoguang, Guangdong province shared a heart-warming video.The video shows a dog running around the balcony after seeing its owner come home from an upstairs building, with its rear end wobbly in excitement.Finally, the dog could not wait any longer. He bit his toy and ran downstairs to meet him and pounced on him.Seeing this behind the scenes, many netizens are very empathetic, saying that those who have ever raised a dog understand this emotion.”A dog’s life is only 1/6 of that of a human being. A day you don’t see is six days in their heart, so every day has the joy of meeting after a long separation.””Like my local dog Asong, every time I come back from other places, I know I’m back at the entrance of the village, so excited that I run out to pick me up. After 17 years in my home, I left safely last year.””Watching the video, reminds me of my golden retriever, on the sixth floor of the roof to see me off work, that excited look exactly the same, poor it went to the dog star, left me nearly a year, think of it my eyes tears.”I have to say, dogs really are man’s most loyal friends.As long as you become its master, until the end of its life, it will always remember you and love you.I just don’t understand why some owners for a few hundred yuan, they can get along with their dog day and night, to their very loyal dog, said to sell, conscience and Ann ah!Other sarcastic netizens are not happy with the picture of harmony between dogs and humans, and have even cited incidents in which dogs hurt people to criticize the behavior of raising dogs.To this I would say, there are good and bad people, and there are also good and bad dogs.You can’t blame bad dogs for doing wrong things. All good dogs deserve to be attacked, right?Otherwise, when bad people do bad things, how should good people behave themselves?What do you think?

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