A woman in Dongguan was electrocuted while taking a bath, and her family sought 1.5 million yuan in compensation from her landlord and manufacturer, a court ruled

It is said that at home is the safest, but there are a lot of hidden safety hazards in life, such as electricity is one of them. Nowadays, people can not live without electricity, and basically nothing can be done without electricity, and electricity safety has become a problem that people need to pay attention to.Now general electrical safety hidden danger is very small, protective measures are done very in place, but the premise is normal manufacturer produce qualified products, but the reality is not like that, now there are a lot of manufacturers to make black-money, not in accordance with the safety standards to produce electric appliances, produced under such corners, security naturally enough.Ms zhao to work in the guangdong dongguan, in order to work easily, she deliberately near the company rented a small room, the room is not big, but ms zhao is also a person lives, work every day after work, ms zhao lived a day also so mediocre blandly, but she could not think of, oneself bathe would “wash” lost his own life.On the evening of December 21, 2017, Ms. Zhao came back to the rental house after a busy day. The next day was the holiday. At this time, Ms. Zhao just wanted to take a hot bath and then lie on the bed and have a good sleep.The single room Ms. Zhao rented was originally a large one, but the landlord, in an effort to make more money, used boards to divide it into several cubicles, roughly big enough for one person, but it was built with only one bathroom, so it has always been shared by several tenants.Ms zhao into the bathroom and immediately began to take a bath, hot water from the head down, she felt comfortable, tired, there is nothing more relaxing than on a hot bath, but all of a sudden, ms zhao body twitches, then a black eyes fell to the ground, the water still left, but ms zhao didn’t rise up again.After a long time, other tenants were also ready to take a bath, but Ms. Zhao had been in for so long that there was no sound at all, so several other tenants knocked on the door and began to urge Ms. Zhao, but no matter how they called, Ms. Zhao did not respond at all, only the sound of water behind the door.At that point, several tenants realized that something might be wrong, so a female tenant opened the bathroom door and went in, only to find Zhao lying on the floor. She immediately contacted the landlord and alerted the police.Police arrived at the scene and found That Ms. Zhao had died, through an autopsy, Ms. Zhao died of electrocution.The police later carried out an investigation into the cause of the electrocution, and the investigation showed that zhao was electrocuted because the electric water heater used in the rented house did not meet national safety standards, and there were many electrical safety hazards in the rented house.Classics appraisal, the prevent leakage plug that place of water heater of this electricity that rent a house to use is equipped cannot be accomplished in time when encountering strong current, and its prevent loose device function is not complete, cannot assure its do not fall off in using process.But through investigation, although this water heater exists very big safe hidden trouble, but in miss zhao is used process, the plug of this water heater did not become loose, and also did not appear current is too big and the phenomenon of electric leakage that generation, that is to say Miss Zhao is electric shock is not the reason of electric leakage of water heater.So the problem is only possible in rented house on the use of electricity safety risks, according to the investigation, this rented house because privately refit, there are a lot of exposed wires in the bathroom inside the house, and the height of the socket installation of electric water heater is not enough, and without waterproof measures.Worse, the room installation of leakage protection device for modification, secretly cannot immediately disconnect when the leakage, and the house wire use does not conform to safety standards and circuit aging serious, in the event of leakage phenomenon, the power of the house can’t disconnect in time, is likely to pose a threat to human life and health, and ms zhao is unfortunate.After hearing the news of their daughter’s death, Zhao’s parents rushed to the court and sued the landlord and electric water heater manufacturer, claiming more than 1.54 million yuan in compensation for death, funeral expenses, mental damage and lost work.According to the Tort Liability Law, article 16 a person who infringes upon another person and causes personal injury shall compensate the reasonable expenses for treatment and rehabilitation, such as medical expenses, nursing expenses and transportation expenses, as well as the income lost due to missing work.Where a disability is caused, the expenses for AIDS to disabled living and disability compensation shall also be compensated.In case of death, compensation shall also be made for funeral expenses and death compensation.The determination of tort liability is mainly divided into three elements, the first is the fact of the damage, the second is that the actor has a fault, and the third is that there is a causal relationship between the actor’s behavior and the victim’s fact of damage.According to the police investigation, there is no causal relationship between Ms. Zhao’s death and the water heater’s safety risks, so the water heater manufacturer does not have to bear tort liability.But the landlord privately refit and the security hidden danger in the rented house is the direct cause of Ms. Zhao’s death, and according to the provisions of the Fifth “Rental housing public security Management Regulations” : the rented house, its building, fire equipment, entrances and exits and channels, must comply with the fire safety and public security management regulations;Dangerous and illegally constructed houses shall not be rented.So the landlord to rent out this room is used as this is illegal behavior, so he should be the consequences of tort liability, but in this case, the police are investigating the ms zhao is electricity is not standard behavior, so she should also bear some responsibility, the court verdict, the landlord belongs to the main fault, 70% responsibility, compensation of ms zhao’s family 970000 yuan.In our life, electricity must be careful, electricity in the benefit of mankind at the same time also threatens our life and health, so the normal behavior of electricity and regular electricity safety investigation is essential, who does not know tomorrow and accident who will come first, prevention is essential.

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