Choosing China over the US and winning the gold medal was not Gu’s greatest success

“I did a move on the last jump that I had never done before, a move that no girl has ever done before in history. I chose it to do my best and show the world what I am capable of.”Gu, 18, says this with a youthful glow on her face.What she describes as “something no girl has ever done before” is a four-and-a-half left turn at 1,620 degrees in the air in the freestyle ski giant jump.All right, I know you don’t know what this is, but you can kind of feel something special about it from the joy of guailing after the dance and the joy of seeing the score.That’s 94.50.You see, I’ve tried to paint it from different angles, trying to give you a sense of — well, it’s good.How bad do you think I’m about to start talking?No, otherwise my headline should have been “Awesome!Beijing girl Gu Ailing!”There is something called Baidu in the world, and you can see it with a click of your finger.Her main event has not yet arrived, but this gold medal is enough to make her the ceiling among the new generation of professional athletes born in the 2000s in China.A ceiling of value.She’s a genius.But there is no shortage of difference in the world, and it is not her genius that makes her so different from all the other athletes.She is relaxed, free and confident, not only in her movements and expressions, but in almost every video, advertisement and program you can see.As she did in several events: “freestyle” skiing.What does freestyle mean?It means excitement, it means individuality, it means maximum publicity.In fact, these three characteristics are clearly different from the standards advocated in our traditional Chinese culture.When she used those three traits to succeed and win an Olympic title, an equation that had never been true before was established.This is the first “value” she brings to us.There are many athletes in the world who switch nationality, but few of them switch nationality between China and the United States, and few of them switch nationality back to China from the United States.Another rare equation took hold in 2019, when gu Ailing, 15, renounced her US citizenship acquired at birth and returned to her mother’s homeland.The value of the equation goes further than that. Look a little deeper and you’ll see that, unlike Osaka and 塁 Yamura, who barely speak Japanese, 15-year-old Gu is already fluent in Beijing’s erhua accent.What you can’t ignore in your surprise is gu Ailing’s little-known, but worthy of writing about her mother, Gu Yan.It is the Chinese culture that she brought to Gu from an early age, the career path that was tailored for her, and gu’s unique personality that make her a talented 18-year-old girl.She chose China over the United States, and from pure Chinese culture and excellent Chinese language to today’s Olympic gold medal.When CNN wrote in its headline, “China’s Olympic champion, she’s Actually American…”China is holding its head high in this talent scramble.This is her second and biggest “value”, just ask the more than 20 top brands she endorses.Trust me, the pr departments of brands have the best sense of smell for value.Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Li Na and Lin Dan are the only four Chinese athletes whose “values” have been at the top of the list for more than 20 years.Sorry Yi Jianlian, Ma Long, Zhang Jike, sorry…All the top athletes I can’t think of off the top of my head.But I think the value of these four people is unmatched.Now Gu Ailing came roaring.I don’t know what kind of heights Zhou guanyu can reach in the future, but for the time being, the three labels of post-00s, Winter Olympic champion and Chinese-American are enough to make Gu The most valuable Chinese athlete of the new generation.Finally, as I type this, the equally long-awaited yuzuru Hanyu arrives.But after Gu performed her unchallenged four-and-a-half moves and succeeded, Yuzuru Hanyu’s 4S moves, which he had never made a mistake, fell through.You think I’m gonna start pulling?No, otherwise my title would have been “Tani Is Gone, Yuanyu is Gone.”Again, that’s the beauty of competitive sports.Do you remember the shock when Yuzuru Hanyu first made 4S?”All greatness comes from a brave attempt.”So I am looking forward to seeing if Gu can challenge for three gold MEDALS and Yuzuru hanyu can shake off the shadow of failure that she has never had before.”My mother is the best mother, sorry other mothers, but my mother is the best mother.”I don’t think any other Chinese athlete would say that.

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