Mother in the twelfth month

The night before yesterday, I made an appointment with my mother on the phone.Mother said, nearly to the twelfth month ah!When I heard my mother mention the twelfth lunar month, I immediately remembered that when I was a child, my mother held the twelfth lunar month.At that time, as soon as the twelfth lunar month entered, the countryside became relaxed.But the mother, at this time, is even busier.She wants to prepare some of the most basic things for the poor family, such as food, clothing, use, decoration, entertaining guests, walking relatives and friends, etc.When I was a child, my father stayed out of the house all year round, and only depended on my mother.Because we had many sisters, our family lacked labor, so we received less food than other families, and were even less well-off economically.But mother was strong, although the family was poor, but she always thought of a way to let the children have a happy New Year.Mother believed that the New Year should have a new atmosphere.She tried to give each child a new dress or a pair of shoes.Some years, my mother really could not afford to buy new clothes for the children, so she would sew a beautiful flower for each of the family’s old clothes, which still gave us a neat, clean, bright feeling.My mother always said, “It doesn’t matter if you wear old clothes. You should wash your clothes and embroider a flower.”Because of mother’s dexterity and clean clothes, we children are very happy in the New Year.Huangyuan rice fruit is a kind of delicious food cooked by every family in the twelfth month.The process of making yellow rice fruit is more complicated. First, soak the rice in cold water for a day or two, and then start to grind the rice pulp.At that time, there was no steel mill in the countryside, so the rice pulp used to make all kinds of rice fruit had to rely on stone mill.Mother from morning to night, always with her flexible hands, accompanied by cold water and rice, little by little into the stone mill, in the mill in the circle.As the mother bent over, the stone mill turned round and round, and the rice milk slowly flowed out of the mill trough, like flowing a happy childhood song.The ground rice milk, to fire in the pot to cook, stirring into a ball is very laborious.The fire was burning in the earthen stove, and the mother’s feet were on and off in front of the stove.Mother made the rice milk into a ball in the pot, and put the whole ball into a large winnowing dish.We sisters several, also can learn mother’s appearance to make rice fruit, but because still young, can’t help a lot, mother always tired waist ache leg ache.In addition to making yellow rice fruit, mother did not have any spare time during the whole twelfth month, did not sleep for a night.Fried meatballs, cutting preserved meat and salted duck to serve guests, sending gifts to grandparents at home and sending homemade delicacies to grandparents far away are all the things she takes care of throughout the month.No matter how busy or tired she is, she will make sure that the whole family can put on a new dress and have a decent dinner on New Year’s Eve.Twenty-nine years, is the village to do balls and tofu day, mother will be in the whole village began to busy before the yellow rice fruit, all kinds of balls and tofu, because she wants to put these hand-done food sent to the first taste of grandpa and grandma.Approaching the end of the New Year, my mother would spend a day or two steaming and frying delicious food, no less than a dozen POTS, ready to be sent to distant relatives as New Year’s gifts.New Year’s Eve, is my family seven or eight people together New Year’s day.My mother would let us call grandma and Grandpa for dinner.There are many fathers and brothers. According to the custom, whoever does the New Year’s Eve dinner first will call his grandparents to come over and eat it.Because of this, it is her greatest joy to let her grandparents eat a table of dinner prepared by her mother on New Year’s Eve.During the Lunar New Year dinner, the mother did not let the children eat with their grandparents.Adults eat in the hall, we eat in the kitchen.She is afraid of us and grandpa, grandma quarrel, or afraid of our children lucky day say the wrong words, make the old people not happy.She always wishes elders you can have a happy New Year in our family!In this way, year after year, mother in the twelfth month always kept busy for our family, rushing about.Now, people no longer have to be as busy as their mothers, nor do they have to worry about buying things for the New Year.Mother in previous years that busy Chinese New Year scene, her busy figure and steps, always lingering in my memory, deeply engraved in my mind!

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