Why does a fire burn the whole building when it is clearly made of concrete?What’s the problem?

Whenever a fire occurs, it is always accompanied by casualties and great losses because it occurs in places with frequent human activities.In particular, a fire in the lower floors of high-rise buildings can easily spread to the upper floors, resulting in more serious consequences.High-rise buildings are made of reinforced concrete with high ignition points that don’t normally burn.Why do buildings always burn to “skeletons” after a fire?The reason why high-rise fire spread out of control is not the building frame materials can burn, the main reason is that many things in the building are flammable.And the structure of the building is conducive to the spread of fires, which are often difficult to contain once they break out.Generally speaking, a fire needs to meet three conditions: there is something to burn, burning to the point of ignition of combustible material, and sufficient oxygen.The building usually has an elevator shaft, and the hot gas of the fire spreads upward, and the ground floor of the building draws in fresh air, which causes the fire to spread and has plenty of circulating air.Many of the things in the building are flammable and the frame of the building is very difficult to burn, whether it’s steel or concrete, it’s very difficult to burn in a fire.What really spread the fire was mainly the inflammable materials in the building.General buildings are office buildings, not all kinds of office supplies, such as the desk is easy to burn items.Office buildings are crowded, and some of the items they carry can also contribute to the fire.In the building under construction, the surrounding building materials are also more flammable things.Like scaffolding built by workers, it would burn in the fire and feed the flames.Tall buildings also use materials like asphalt, which breaks down and burns at high temperatures, polymers like asphalt, insulation and so on, all of which can burn.With enough fuel, it makes sense that a building fire would spread quickly.The intensity of the fire naturally resulted in a high temperature fire environment.Another factor contributing to the fire is the chimney effect created by the structure of the building.The interior of the building is relatively empty, like office floors are more open design.Hot gases from the fire spread upward, creating a low-pressure area inside the building and forcing air from outside into the building, which helped fuel the fire.Because of these reasons, the fire in the building spreads rapidly. If the people in the building want to escape from the fire, they need to make the right decision according to the specific situation.In a fire, you can’t take the elevator to escape, the fire burned the line, and people may take the elevator midway power failure.Trapped in elevators is even more dangerous, and elevators can seep into the smoke from the fire, poisoning people trapped by breathing in the toxic smoke.The proper way to escape is through the emergency exit, and also take care to avoid breathing in toxic smoke.Toxic smoke accumulates above the room. Bend or crawl if necessary.The method to reduce the possibility of fire to avoid the spread of the building fire, you can use more fire prevention materials in the building.Floors like the ceilings of buildings are decorated with heat-resistant materials.Office wood office appliances, you can also choose fire products.Every floor of the building should be equipped with smoke detectors, and sprinklers to ensure that the fire can be put out at the first time.The occurrence of fire is often caused by personnel negligence, like some old and disrepair circuits, there is a hidden danger of fire.Fires caused by gas leaks, for example, tend to cause greater damage because gas fires can be accompanied by explosions.There are many causes of fire, and it is naturally impossible to eliminate the possibility of fire.Damage can also be significantly reduced if a fire is detected in time and put out before it spreads.Store a large number of flammable and explosive places, but also pay special attention to fire prevention.In addition to placing signs in conspicuous places, necessary maintenance should be carried out regularly to eliminate potential fire hazards.

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