Are you ready for the hard standards of “teacher evaluation”?

Teachers title reform has been in progress, whether it is to break the “five” only or to adjust the proportion of middle and senior titles, or abnormality is promoted senior titles, anyhow is doing for the teachers’ evaluation of the road, although say impossible at that time all is in place, but a review of the job is not static, so suggest broad teacher evaluation, for evaluation of post documents, academic materials to prepare for,Do not blindly to sort out the materials, resulting in the final declaration failure.The evaluation criteria are very important, it is the same as the scoring criteria of the exam, and if there is only one failure, it will be rejected, so in order to successfully pass, it is very important to carefully analyze the evaluation criteria.Next, xiaobian carefully sorted out several “hard dishes” in the evaluation, expecting to be helpful to the evaluation.First, the field assessment of teaching ability as a teacher, since ancient times is the most prized teaching ability and level, students and parents of word of mouth is just on the other hand, if you really have the strength, the school comprehensive teaching ability appraisal certificate must have, so at the time of professional evaluation, also want to provide to the performance of materials, is one of the evidence of her teaching performance, can’t be ignored.Second, to participate in the teaching reform in human progress, also want to efforts to catch up with the development of knowledge, teaching reform is to push the power of school teaching, as a teacher, the number of public class, quality or knowledge lecture is basic task of teaching reform, maximize the realization of the popularization of knowledge, is the embodiment of the teachers’ teaching ability, this is also the teacher evaluation as indispensable data,Be prepared.Third, the professional evaluation for the paper to be used is requirements will be published in the journal papers, and journals to formal, can check it on the National Press and Publication Administration can not only, also can be retrieved in the database, many teachers think that “not only paper” now, there would be no need to prepare, and results in missed opportunities.Of course, if we really do not want to publish a paper, we try to use teaching summary materials instead, such as teaching plans, teaching reflection, teaching design, case analysis, etc., but we should pay attention to the provisions of teaching summary materials.Fourth, service in the second half of 2021 after class, after class service gradually entered the teachers’ teaching, after-school service refers to the regulation of the teaching task, for the students to a kind of auxiliary teaching after class, the current parts to include after service in teachers’ professional titles, so this rule will cause the teachers enough attention.Thank you for reading this article. If you think this article is good, please like it, bookmark it and follow us. If you have similar questions or comments, please leave a message or write to us.(Edit: only)

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